Thunder Unicorn

Any advice? My alliance has just encountered their first rare 5 star Titan, known as Thunder Unicorn. It is shielded against blue attacks so I have removed my blue hero and troops to avoid adding mana by accident. Any other tips?

remove all blue. add all green you have and Wu if you got him and try your very best :smiley: gL


1st: blues are reflected and can’t hit the weak spot.

Of the 4* greens only Skittleskull is bad for the encounter, bring Melendor and Caedmon for their dispel (if you don’t have them use the 3* Belith) and Little John slow mana regen, to makes your buff last longer andvheroes survive better.

If you have Tiburtus bring it: is the safest hero to reduce defense with… otherwise Gormek, but is better to avoid bringing weak colors.

If you have Brienne good, otherwise bring +Atk banners.

Dragon Banners worked pretty well for me just got to time it well against the unicorn special. I was running low on mana pots so I used the 500hp pots to keep heroes alive along with bombs and arrows. Used triple green, Tiburtus, and Wukong.

I have a petty good alliance, but still that unicorns is a beast. I agree with everyone who has posted. Load up on green, use your alliance pots. Kill that thing.

Pay attention to it’s special - don’t fire Wu only to have him debuffed. That sucks!

Go all out! Use flasks and those good items you’ve been holding onto. Any hero that can dispel buffs, tinestops, mana etc. Setup should be wu kong, defense reducer (tiburtus preferred) and 3 green heroes. Hood luck and remember that only members of the alliance that were there when the titan spawned are eligible for the bonus loot chance.