Thunder Unicorn Special

Remember, beta is subject to change. Not sure I would buy early on the chance they will stay the same. Last two or three HoTM has seen a nerf before release. I think the vamps also got a nerf, but wouldn’t swear to that one.

After 6 months I had only Hu tao and rest 3*. So, be glad, you have something!

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Oh…that is really a bad luck

Yes but I kept going and somehow I figured out. This bad luck was until lvl 27… so, pretty frustrating.

Have you have better luck since?

FWIW, next month’s HotM has been in beta for a while now, and despite feedback that she was perhaps too good, we’ve seen no change. I think she’s now on third release. Seems unlikely she will change markedly. I’m certainly saving my hero tokens.

The new S2 heroes we will see in a few days are also very good. I plan to spend gems and Atlantis coins to try my luck there and get Zim-kitty. Epic tokens are for next month to get Evelyn and, hopefully, the Christmas heroes.


I’m at one year and have 2 5s. And one I’ve had for about 5 months. My boyfriend started playing about 8 months ago and had a 5 and HOTM on his first try. And has continued to get good pulls. An my other 5* was TC20. I spend about 15$ a month (he has vip and doesn’t sometimes gets the flash sales at events). I didn’t always but once vip came out I knew I played it enough that i could justify two less whopper meals (example). The odds are the same either way. And the odds are for each pull not a cumulative sum. You just have more chances. The game is still available to people who don’t want to pay though. It is frustrating for both classes of people though. Because mats can’t be bought. So regardless of spending everyone gets stuck.
Guess it all depends why you are playing though. If you want to be competitive then like most any game you have to pay. Or find a great alliance. This game is about the long haul. I agree it’s frustrating but UT is so much better than a lot of other “f2p” games out there.

Bought 3 of the first one to give me enough for a 10x summon during next Atlantis event.

Wow. 2 -5*…that it is more than frustrating. I wish i have your patience :grin: good luck in the future :shamrock:

Yes! I have now 11x 5* :smile:

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Too bad there was no 1.99 offer, I buy nearly all of those.
A 4.99 offer that gives you 600 gems makes me go “Meh” in my frugal head since the vip pass gives you 900 for the same price. However the 300 gems can kinda be considered equivalent to an epic token. Id rather have an extra 300 gems though so I can save it for x10 summons (which cost less per pull) and im not restricted to epic & seasonal pulls

Wasn’t Zim-Kitty’s stats left the same and her attack percentage actually buffed to be stronger?

Just checked her beta card and compared to her true release card. She wasn’t nerfed at all and her special skill was buffed. The only thing that was lowered was her hero power rating, which doesn’t matter because those aren’t calculated objectvely

I wonder why the feedback about Evelyn being too good. She’s literally a green panther. Only Color change

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I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure one of the early beta cards I saw was very fast mana.

She is just fast mana. Not very fast.

She hits all and is fast mana and the only green defense dropper in the game. Plus she’s self healing like zim and aegir which would make her n zel an even better troublesome duo. Zel already does more damage against ice with her special, if evelyn fires before that it’s a solid hit on your whole team when zel fires

Think about a grave tank flanked by evelyn and zel. Could be a pain in the a**

yeah, that wasn’t the question. The question was in early beta was she v. fast.

No clue. Pic i got is a bit dated too

The earliest beta card i saw is from september 1st— fast speed. Don’t know when she was actually released in beta though

I’m willing to be wrong…but that was my memory. In any cases, nerfs do happen, but as they stand Dec HoTM and the Christmas heroes look pretty nice to me.

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