Thunder Unicorn Special

Anyone else seeing this offer?

Each offer has a gem cost slightly better then the store plus a few tokens/mats. I’m debating whether to splurge or not…

I like the fact there is something for everyone

Buy em all, gotta keep up with the competition

I ve spent 15$ for the first offer and after 3 tokens and 6 summons: 8 heroes 3* and only kiril 4*…pathetic
After 6 months in this game i have only one 5* hero…elkanen. My friend has 7…

That’s normal, should have saved the tokens for December xmas quest heros though

E&P is a casino, no one beats a casino. We all lose but we have fun doing it.


For zimkitha i did this and after 50$…nothing

What did you expect? Have you looked at the odds? You got a 4 that is good.

Do you run TC20? And your friend?

I have nothing against spenders :face_with_monocle:

Flag incoming…


Yes. And only 4*. Anyway…the odds are against me :))

Just an edit… let’s keep it inclusive, dear Elpis :wink:


I liked the unedited version better…just sayin lol

Be lucky with this offer. :joy:

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Lol, have you seen the turkish offer, i believe it’s like almost half of the price in the US.

My only question for this offer. Why the hell is it a unicorn offer but no telescope within the offer?


The currency converter… Does not make sense, only because of the punctuation used for the USD side once conversion is made. Should be consistent with the commas and periods.

You fun breaker :unicorn:

Well here’s a poem to cheer you up:

I thought I saw a unicorn
Thunder through the glade
I thought I saw a goblin king
Standing fierce and tall
I thought I saw a ‘mega deal’
That was worth what I had paid
But then I finally realised
I imagined one and all


I was debating on going ham and buying the full set of offers here so I have max gems for the Christmas pulls. I’ve only seen the new heroes once and I forgot if they were going after or not? Are any of these Christmas/next HOTM/new Atlantis hero’s worth going after, any of them super good?

next month’s hotm probably is the one you want to save for, rumour says she basically has the same skill as G.Pather but for green colour, you know green elemental debuff+remove the enemy’s buff+hit 3 targets, has similar stats like pather, high atk+lower def.

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