Thunder Unicorn special attack bugged?

Hi everyone, I’m not yet sure if this is really a bug so I ask here first to hear if someone else has noticed it.
In our last rare Thunder Unicorn titan I have seen a weird behavior in the titan’s special damage. The description said it would deal 200% damage to the target an nearby enemies.
Upon firing his special it aimed for a Lianna with another Lianna right of the first one. Both with >1000 health, no debuffs, but WuKong’s special was active. Funnily the original target was totally unharmed while the right hand Lianna insta-died. On the next round the same happened: The original target was mostly unharmed while the hero on the right hand side of the original target died despite more than 1000 HP.
Is this a bug in the animation, in the description or is the entire Thunder Unicorn special attack doing something strange? I know that a part of the special description was a buff removal, but I can’t remember if it said that the titan would steal WuKong’s buff, which then could explain the miss on the original target and the insta-kill on the neighbor…

So couple things:

  1. what was your actual team set-up? If the two lianna were on the wing, then it could have targetted the one on the wing thus only affecting it & the hero right next to it.

  2. Was there a blind up? From say arrows or a accuracy down hero like Joon, Hu Tao, Drake, Justice etc…? Cause that could have been why the titan didn’t do any damage to the second Lianna.

No, the titan doesn’t steal buffs. The special goes in the order it is written. So for the Thunder unicorn it will:

  1. Deal damage to the target
  2. Deal damage to the two heros next to the target
  3. Dispell buffs from the Target & nearby heroes
  4. Provide self Buff against special skills.

Hope that helps.

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  1. The team used was Melendor, Elkanen, Lianna, Lianna, WuKong
    The titan clearly aimed for the center Lianna which remained unscratched while the right hand Lianna died despite >1000 HP. The same happened in the next attack (new titan flag, not the same round) where the titan’s attack animation aimed for the right hand Lianna (position 4/5) who didn’t receive damage but only WuKong died with more than 1000HP left.
  2. No blind effect or other debuffs against the titan were active. The giant harpoon (only offensive battle item used) lost effect one turn ago.

Here’s my attack on the Thunder Unicorn just today. No issues identified.

Hmm. Maybe I have missed something else during my titan attack then. I will pay attention on the next thunder unicorn and hope it was just a hick-up in my game.

Im just thankful you didn’t make fun of my attack. :relaxed: