Thunder Storm Needs You


We have around 5-6 spots we need to fill.
Come check us out. We have a solid crew. We need some legit players who are looking for a new home.
Come check us out in Game. Our goal is to expand & upgrade our alliance. We are constantly evolving and getting better. If you have this mentality. Join us.

Contact in Line: 0$Pro$0

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Can you weather the Thunder Storm!

We’re a bunch of dedicated, international players who enjoy playing the game and who back each other up, no matter the circumstance. Come, be part of this awesome E&P Family.

Lovely group of players - really enjoyed my visit there. Go check them out if you want a fun, friendly alliance :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the support Mac. You are always welcome back.
Drop by and check us out empires community.
Hope you can join the Family.

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Have my own alliance but the smaller picture is hard to read.

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