THUNDER STORM is recruiting ⚑ eager for ACTIVE DEDICATED HUNTERS!(10* Titan, 2 SPOT OPEN)



:star: We are HITTING 10* TITAN mainly.
:star: We are looking for ACTIVE players who hit Titans daily also attend to wars IF you choose to.
:star: We have a LINE GROUP for our members to SHARE with each other(optional).
:star: We have members from the different parts of the world so ALL are WELCOME!!
:star: We CARE about communication if you have stuff IRL to take care of just let us know - RL goes 1st.
:star: Our leader who is a thoughtful lady and she makes you feel like home!

:fireworks: Our required trophies are 2400 currently but if you have around 3800 TP but less than 2400 feel free to let me know in LINE or leave a REPLY.

Other than that, our requirements:

:orange_heart: First of all, we want everyone to ENJOY THE GAME!!!
:orange_heart: Let the leader know if you won’t be active in the game for a period of time.
:orange_heart: Read specific coloured messages from our leaders’ in-game chat.
:orange_heart: Hit TITAN daily(as much as you can).
:orange_heart: War is NOT mandatory - Need to use all 6 flags if you choose to participate.

:sparkling_heart: We are now hitting 10* TITAN , our next goal is to bring down 11* regularly and more! So if you’re willing to be active and grow with us, we welcome you to join our friendly and cool alliance: THUNDER STORM :zap:

                                                            My LINE ID: luckybmz
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Come join us and have some fun

1 spot left … who will get it

Just refreshing this ad :slight_smile:

One spot left come have some fun!!!

Back to recruiting :slight_smile: … One spot left

Up. One spot remains

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Hey Guys! 1 bed left in our awesome Alliance… Fresh sheets provided!

Spot open, check it out :clinking_glasses:

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Message me on line at leshukc or just come join Thunder Storm

Great Team work! High-Five :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

If you join us in the next hour, you’ll also receive a set of steak knives.

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2 spots for dedicated titan hunters

Joined recently, extremely nice community in all aspects. Very good coordination as well in titans/war…

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Anyone want to race :slight_smile:

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So awesome to hear this, Sabrar… We do our best! I’m glad you’re feeling like a part of our family already. :blush::blush::blush:

Another 11* bites the dust… Greek, your Titan Tail soup is delicious… Join us for a bowl or 2.

Hey Awesome Warriors. We still have 1 bed left. Another win in War and on 11-12* Titans. First weeks rent free, if you join in the next 24hrs… So, be fast, this offer won’t last! :smiley:

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