Thumpers Death Squad

[#cef6ce]2 spots open at [#f6d8ce] THUMPER’S DEATH SQUAD[#cef6ce]…Want to kill Titans? Want to grow and learn? Are you active? Strong enough to help with 7* and 8* Titans? This is the Alliance for you!!.. Search [#f6d8ce] THUMPER’S DEATH SQUAD [#cef6ce] and join NOW!

We are an active group of friendly gamers. We have a Line group for added chatting fun. We have a 1000 trophy requirement currently but that’s easily negotiable. Only have two rules. Have fun and hit Titans daily. Come check us out.

Currently on 9* Titan but usually hit 7/8* at the moment

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Want help? I’m a merc.

@ZivaDavid thanks for the offer. I think the 9* is destined to get away for right now, but if you’re looking for a new home or know anyone else that is we would love to have them.

Once our ranks are full up we will be downing the 9* in no time.

@Koen ok. I’ll be ready. (not) :grinning:

We have a few open spots again, 30 minutes away from our next Titan.