Thumbs down to devs, thumbs up to moderators and my teammates

$25 per month. Not bad. That’s pretty modest, and that’s where I usually hover.

I consider that c2p, but maybe my standards are high.


How so? 40 pulls for one 4* the game is rigged and you know it. You spend how much in three years? You know it’s not true what you claimed.

  1. Receiving one 4* hero from 40 summons might be incredibly unlikely or might just be a somewhat unusual event - we’d need more context to tell.

  2. I have spent £8.97 over 3 years.

  3. What is supposed not to be true that I have claimed is true? I can’t tell what you’re referring to from your message.


Spending £8.97 simply unbelievable.

Have to agree it’s really frustrating at times, but sad truth is that it’s not going to change as long as we continue to play. When everyone quits and refuses to pay another cent until things change, we’ll keep seeing things just the way they’ve been. And we all know that there isn’t going to be a mass exodus, because just like those of us who’ve been on the Apple train for a while, we’ve become too invested to quit now.

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Have a look here

It’s completely plausible

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And the odds are what? 1 in 856,467,890,756

Maybe, who knows?

This is a game of long odds.

My roster and budget are very similar to @brobb’s so I know it’s achievable


4 HOTM over the span of 3 years is believable for a close to F2P player. Brobb knows what she is doing and has played her hand quite well.

I would add that when your HOTM are Alby, Hel, Zim, and Evelyn, one must feel at least a bit fortunate to have been able to pull them. Additionally, with that group of HOTM, it is a bit misleading to characterize ANY f2p can replicate similar success with alternative HOTM like Grimble, Margaret, Thoth, etc. on the same low-spending budget. Heck, I have spent a fair amount and I only have 2/4 of that group, and it is not for lack of saving and trying when they were available.


When you’re f2p luck plays a BIG part in it.

I have 2 HOTM that I managed to pull early on single EHT’s. Aeron and Gregorion. Lucky yes, yet when you look at the two HOTM’s available in the two months between those two, not so lucky.

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You find it difficult to believe that I have spent £8.97? Why? The game gives you everything for free, if you’re prepared to wait and to grind. I sincerely appreciate everyone who spends, but I don’t feel the urge, myself.

For the record, here’s the first £2.99 I spent, back in 2017 (the image is someone else’s so the currency is not mine):

The second and third £2.99 spends were on the Valentine’s Day/Christmas 300 gem offers that gave 30 gems to each alliance member. (I love my alliance members to an unhealthy degree, but I missed the Valentine’s offer just passed because I was stupid, drunk and slow.)

Many other players are more disciplined than me and stay strictly F2P.


Do you mind telling us how long did it take you to achieve this roster? The question is also addressed to @Brobb

Fair point, but I want to take a tiny bit of credit for myself: I never, ever summon unless the HOTM is one I really want. For example, I have not seen anything cool on offer for months now, so my epic summons tokens are building up…

I’ve have been lucky to get the heroes I targeted, but it hasn’t always paid off. I have blown a lot of Atlantis and event summons trying (and failing) to get Guin or BK over the years. I live in hope.

I’ve been playing since almost the beginning. I found this forum in May 2017 and I think I had been playing for a month or two by that point.


Three years of playing with a roster of 4* heroes with hardly spending any money, as you claimed above. Well some people are not satisfied with 4* heroes and are frustrated with the low odds of getting a 5*. You accept and is content with your situation some aren’t. The game promotes spending, yet it delivers crap. Do you understand why people are frustrated? Even, as you claim, grinding will get results. Grinding doesn’t always pays off.
Anyways, you’re one of the few that doesn’t spend, and from the looks of things, the game will die eventually for the lack of motivation and it’s becoming stale.

I started on 6th march 2018

So very close to two years

I started late February 2018. My total spending is around $34 CAD. The first 10 months were strictly f2p. First ever purchase was Rudolph’s gift – a Christmas present to myself and to SGG for a game I enjoyed playing. Since then I have bought Valeria’s Gift and Rudolph’s Gift again, and the three gem gift offers that also gift your alliance mates, and the odd cheap gem deal for $1.39.

I don’t chase HOTM; if they come they come. I did try chasing a Sand Empire hero (and got Arman), and a Guardian. Hoping for a Jackal or a Falcon, I got 3 Bats.

I am fast approaching 2 years of playing. I have well over 30 5*, overwhelmingly from TC20. 3 non-S1 5*. Ten are maxed, with two more on fourth tier. I use a lot of 4* heroes when raiding and in AW. I can stay in diamond if I work at it. I go at a slow enough pace that the AM just keeps up with me for leveling heroes.


Not really, no. The probabilities of pulling 5* heroes are not a secret. (They used to be, in the early days of the game - back then, I could understand some frustration.) It’s very unlikely you’re going to pull a particular 5* hero unless you get lucky or spend a lot of cash. I don’t understand why that would entice players to spend, nor why they would then get frustrated when they fail to get the heroes they want.

Apparently, though, many players do spend quite a lot on the game (thank heavens - they fund it) and are then surprised and annoyed when they don’t get the outcomes they want.

For what it’s worth, people have been saying this since I arrived here in 2017. Eventually they will be right, unless the universe ends first.


The least you can do is be grateful and sympathetic to them.

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@brobb’s tone is often subtle, but she has expressed gratitude to p2w players on numerous occasions :slightly_smiling_face:


Like others here (such as myself), @Brobb does not have a lot of sympathy for players with unreal expectations, or an unwillingness to consider evidence. The way the game is designed you do NOT automatically deserve to be rewarded for spending, and nothing in the game anywhere indicates that you should. The odds do NOT change for you just because you spend. All that spending does is somewhat shorten the time required to expand your roster. And only significantly if you are willing to spend a LOT – on more than just summons. Because lots of 5* don’t help without the AM to go with them.


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