Thumbs down to devs, thumbs up to moderators and my teammates

Just wanted to give my feedback before I bow out of this game. I have been playing for well over a year and have dropped more cash on this game than I’d like to admit…definitely not whale type of bucks though. This is not a rage quit…I’m going to finish up the PoV event then leave quietly. I really looked forward to PoV and saved over 10k gems to do 40 pulls during Knights event…sadly, I know the odds are not good but I got ONE 4* event hero and 39 regular heroes of 4 or 3 stars that I get everyday from my TC20s. This was my last gasp to breath life into the game. The devs are much more concerned about finding new cash cows than making QoL changes. I’ve enjoyed the forum and think the moderators do a fantastic job. I will miss the comradery with excellent teammates in my Alliance. Perhaps I will come back at some point but who knows. To the trolls who may reply about RNG or with negative comments, I wish you well, too. I appreciate those that took time to read this.



When it’s your time, it’s your time.

Thanks for bowing out with dignity and civility :slightly_smiling_face:


ABNRMAL, 'Trolls that reply about RNG …right, so people disagreeing with you Are trolls. And the only think that would have given your game a new lease of life would have been a brand new 5* Avalon hero. And it’s the fault of the devs who just are interested in money …I got news for you, this is a company and private companies want to make profit. it’s their reason d’etre, but the devs? They are employees, not shareholders and the rest is, yup, RNG. Good luck, hope you find a game that’s different. I doubt it, but good luck.


Goodbye and good luck. I wish you well in any future gaming that you choose


It depends on your point of view. Should we allow companies to profit off our vices or addictions?

I know many here have no problem with that and indeed that is how the global economy thrives (including the black markets)

But it’s not really a discussion for this thread and I wish @ABNRMAL all the best. Hope you have an abnormally good life


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Best of luck to you and admire the way you are doing it!


@samantha yes, a shiny new hero from Avalon would have made a difference. When I scroll through the event winner and raid trophy leaders, I dont see a single team made up of classic/TC20 heros. The quality of heroes at the 5* level has great disparity. I’m sure you know all that…just clarifying my stance/point.

People are not trolls just for disagreeing. Those weren’t my words at all. People are trolls because of the way they communicate their disagreement.

I dont fault the company for wanting to make money. I am disappointed that I have not seen very easily programmed QoL changes that I’ve seen suggested on the forums.


This is a totally valid reason to go. If the game isn’t scratching the itch and and can’t get the heroes you want, it’s a rough path.

Best of luck and bravo for leaving with some class.

Now… sliiiiiiiiightly off topic…

This post made me Lol. I’ll record my next 3 raids or war hits just to prove this wrong.


@Cvs thank you. 20 awesome characters

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Man, I sure do understand where you’re coming from. It’s like the odds are never with you despite your devotion and patience. Eventually, patience wears thin over time. It’s like when you pour all your heart and soul into someone with one last hope of having a lasting and meaningful relationship and she says, “Thanks, but you’re not good enough for me. Here’s some fair for the bus ride home.” Man, I get it. Best of luck in whatever path with which you are led. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Makes me think of this:


Good luck going forward. There is no sense playing a game you don’t enjoy. I hope you find one that you do.

For the record, there are trolls on both sides of the argument.


Farewell and good luck. At the end of the day, leaving the game is a decision only you can make. Bah Humbug to the neigh sayers.

I’m sure your alliance mates will miss you immensely. Bestest wishes :smile:.


Goodbye for now. Please do comeback when S3 is out in a moment. Wishing your luck also comeback with you on S3 summon pull


ABNRML didn’t say anything at all about people who would disagree


I guess i missed that, in an AMA or something?

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Bye Bye :hugs: :innocent:

…or see you tomorrow :wink:

I can’t find the post so I will retract that claim. Seems to have misread an old post :sweat_smile:

FrenziedEye, I don’t really have a problem with that. No one is being forced to do anything. If you want to avoid this sort of thing, you have to get off the www. But, as you said, this is not a topic for this thread (interesting as it is).

Me and my 35 duplicate 5’s are leaving too, best of luck to you all. Hope you enjoy it more than I did


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