Thrown out of the game


Today I was kicked out of the game what caused that I lost 20 points I used for final shrikewood Boss. From my alliance I heard that more people had connection issues.


I was just kicked out of a battle I had just started. Lost 8 world energy. Was kicked out of my first war battle this morning, burned my 1st attack team and I got zero points from a battle I ask but won. :rage:

Привет! Такая же беда. В войне после победы, игра зависла. После перезагрузки ход и команду сожгли. Очки победы не начислили.

Mir ist das eben auch passiert, ich bin während eines Kampfes geflogen konnte aber sofort wieder ins Spiel. Was ich aber komisch fand das ich nicht wieder in den Kampf rein gekommen bin da der Kampf ja eigentlich 10 min dauern kann. Also kann es sich ja nur um einen Bug handeln!

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That’s just what happened to me, I flew during a fight but was able to get back into the game immediately. What I found strange that I did not come back into the fight because the fight can actually take 10 minutes. So it can only be a bug!

I have the same Problem, iOS

Happened on my 2nd attack last war. I was furious. Game had NEVER crashed on me before that time. Been playing for months…I think return to morlovia is causing it. Note I was using Valeria when game crashed

The iPad of a teammate has suddenly restarted

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In addition to the aforementioned connectivity issues where it could cause you to drop connection (lose your World/Raid/Alliance Energies / War Flags) and your progress. The device issues and game crashing can also be a cause, and could be attributed to the following, or a combination of the following.

  1. Low Battery - If your device is close to low battery status and could go into shutdown or battery saver mode any minute, I wouldn’t advise going to do a map stage, quest (that takes a lot of World Energy), raid, titan, war hit, because those energies/flags are taken off at the beginning of those actions, so as far as the game is concerned, you already paid up, whether you finish or not, is not its problem.

  2. Your device is low on space/memory - Your device has other programs / apps running in the background in addition to the game, and can cause a drain on your system’s space / memories. If your device feels hot in the hands, it is likely because it’s running a lot of processes at once. Some of those processes can include
    a. Update of your apps from the Google Playstore / iTunes Store - Which will require memory and space to process the updating / installing of the new app versions (and uninstalling the old), if your device has low memory or storage space, it could cause the device to crash and restart while you are running the game (which is also a drain on the resources).
    b. Although on another less likely scenario, that E&P just got a new updated version and is waiting to be installed in the queue. However, if the game is currently running, I don’t think the game will kick you out… But just to list out the possibilities.

  3. Most phones do not come with it, but if your phone has an Anti-Virus app running and occasionally do perform periodic scans and guess what, takes system resources (and if you ever used a PC before and noticed a slow down, one of the most common culprit is the anti-virus scanner). Now, in conjunction to the above low space/memory issue, when your apps are being updated, an anti-virus scanner will also scan those new apps too. And, guess what (takes resources) again.

When the system runs out of resources, the most likely thing is shut down. But before you go up in arms about blaming your anti-virus scanner app for all your game losses, I wouldn’t go quickly uninstalling your anti-virus scanner. Mobile devices are starting to become little computers themselves, and can / will be susceptible to virus / spyware / ransomware, I’d rather have a relatively safer phone than one that just opens up my phone to potential attacks because of a website with a malicious ad / link that I may accidentally click on and one shots my phone.

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