Throwing in the towel

Another high level player bites the dust. I’m done as well as my alliance. Keep getting ■■■■ on in this game and now that I’ve stopped spending money, it’s gone full ape ■■■■. I’ve been in a top 10 alliance as well as the bottom alliances.

Only when I’ve spent money did my alliance stay at the top. We made the collective effort NOT to spend money and plummeted in rank. Now that we have left, we cannot even make enough materials to make 2 time stop per week. Yes, PER WEEK.

The quests are boring. the NEW quests are boring. You are forcing us to be locked out (LOCKED OUT) of season 2. The titans are the same and I’ve maxed out everything. I don’t even care about the new hero ‘progression’ system.

SG, you are not listening to your customers. And as one of the very first players, this is a slap in the face.

Thanks for the slot machine ride. I’ll save my sheckles for Atlantic City and not locked atlantis.

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