Throw up your “dead hand”

Which 5 heroes sit on your bench. Which 5 heroes do you wish you could have those mat’s back from?

Killhare? Lianna? Both are good heroes. You must have a stacked roster to not use those two. The other three stink though.


Mmmm interesting.
My Iianna in costume with emblems is really good. I am currently levelling a duplicate.
And Killhare is on my wish list.
I have a fully max Telluria that I have taken the emblems from. But he/she will get them back if the get either a buff or a costume.
My two 5* heroes that I would currently want mats back from are Red Hood and Justice … sadly I don’t use them anymore … it’s a shame

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Sartana: only ascended her because I had plenty of tabards and thought I could use a sniper. Well in my opinion she’s worse than many new 4*s. Maybe emblems could help, but I dont want to waste precious food for second dissapointment.

Anton: on paper sounds amazing, but his heal is just so bad you cant use him for anything else than keeping him full mana for the whole battle and “hoping” that rest of your team dies and he survives, so you can atleast try to revive them. I know with his passive skill he has 50% change to heal 30% health for other colours but not green. Doesn’t suit very well on 3-2 playstyle, which I use.

Bertila: I liked to use her paired with Buddy and Freya so she can get mana faster, but I dont think she hits well enough and very rarely can lift those defense down ailments because of her speed. She was once emblemed but other heroes came and now she is just sitting there. Should have gave the tonics to Zocc instead, he could be more useful on vf wars than Bertila.

Lady Loki: loved her during GTV time, but those times are now long gone.

Norns: gets used on every mythic titan, tower event etc. Would love to use her on war teams, but I just dont have emblems for her so she just has to do only pvm stuff. And that’s not enough reason to use 6 darts, imo, but maybe one day I’ll have enough emblems for her.

Those guys are usually benched, even they are partlystill emblemed. When the war is over IT is very likely, that they are still waiting.

Probably those 5.

Only Jade was never useful and benched nearly from the beginning. Leveled her because Ninja is new and must be great, that was some crazy miscalculation…

Mok AR I don’t really regret, I used him a lot a few years ago, but I wouldn’t mind getting the mats back because he doesn’t see action this days.
Same with Morgana, great back in the old days, benched now.

Lianna and Magni are just not what I’m playing at the moment. Fast snipers just doesn’t fit into my team’s which are most of the time buff and debuf heavy, full with Manacontroll and slower but hard hitting heroes.
You can’t take out a single target with a sniper anymore, and if I have to charge those 2 times I have already slower and more impactful heroes ready. They are in no way bad, and also not regretted, but I just don’t use them.

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