Three suggestions


Good day all,

I have 3 small suggestions that i believe will help alot;
1- alliance announcement message.
It is basically a pop up message written by the leader shown to alliance players once they open the game. Similar to the offers pop up. It can be configured to show a number of time or during a time period.

This will help alot when one message is needed to be delivered to all members.

2- show current wave during battle.
Sometimes i forget if the boss wave is next or not. Having tge waves shown at the top during battle will help alot and you can prepare your specials before the boss.

3- add rewards for daily logging in tge game.
This is just an incentive to be more active. The rewards are reset weekly. It is done in other games too.

That is all. I hope you find those useful.
Thanks :slight_smile:


#1 is already available. Post any general comments to all members in the alliance description.

#2 is decent suggestion in my opinion

#3 this is sort of done now via the VIP and definitely addressed by the monster chest, which is easily filled for rewards by map grinding.

Giving rewards simply for opening the app rewards laziness, rather than encouraging gameplay.


Thanks for your reply.

#1 not all members read the alliance description everytime they logon. I will be fine is the pop up appears every time the description is changed.
The idea is to send something to make sure that everyone saw it like deciding tank color for wars or skipping titan.
As an alliance leader, it us tough to reach all members reliably in a timely manner.

#3 is just nice to have. VIP is not for all members. I would agree is it was free.


I’ll concede that the VIP isn’t free, but the 20 minutes required to fill the monster chest most certainly is.
I’ll guess it depends on what type of “rewards” you consider suitable for merely logging on?
Other games I’ve played that offer such bribes (for want of a better word) were nowhere near as involved as Empires, and probably needed such incentives to actually get players to stay active.

Edit: Incidentally, I’m not looking to start, or indulge, an argument. I just enjoy the exchange of opinions offered on these forums, without the tribal aspect that occurs during the in-game global chat. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


#3 is Mystic Vision, they aren’t going to do anything else.


Lol bribes XD
Something simple varying from summon tokens, food, iron, gems, backpacks. Etc… it gets better the more you login consecutively and resets on the 7th day.

I enjoy the discussion :slight_smile:


We can always ask for more. Especially if it is slightly different. It wouldn’t hurt.


No.1 Absolutely YES
No.2 Can be, also how many waves are in round before I enter a battle.
No.3 May be but there are currently some