Three stars worth keeping dupes of, besides Namahage and Gato

Title says all. I recently got a duplicate Tyrum and I could always use another purple dispeller for rare difficulty stuff and 3 star tourneys. I was wondering what would be your top five 3 stars to keep dupes of?

EDIT: I just pulled a second Sonya off an EHT. Might level her up too as I am lacking 4 star dispellers.

Mine would be the following:

Gan Ju

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tough question, a lot of 3*s are good. I’ll go for the ones with “rare” skills:

either Kailani or Gunnar
Hawkmoon (as the only other 3* healer I can think of)
Chochin (I’m a bit biased towards mana controllers because of how much I rely on Proteus)

Mnesseus and Tyrum narrowly miss out because they basically have the same skill, although I do have a duplicate Mnesseus.

I stopped keeping duplicate 3s when I started building my 4 bench depth. But before I got to that point, I had already kept duplicates of Belith, Brienne, Mnesseus, Hawkmoon and Kailani as I got them early


I would keep:

  • Hissan (summer event)
  • Rudolph (winter event)


  • Berden
  • Nashgar

Muggy! He’s so fun. :slight_smile:


@sleepyhead Yeah, as soon as I am done with all my other purple projects, I will be able to focus on Chochin but yeah with how much I rely on Proteus and a mana cutter as a one two punch I am definitely paying more attention to heroes who cut mana.

@Linguini The only hero I even got from an event period is Jabbar and that was on my alt profile. I am definitely on the lookout for Hissan and Rudolph now.

@Math4lyfe I have Muggy on my alt profile and hoo boy! He came in clutch a few tournaments ago when fire wasn’t allowed.

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I like to play around in the monthly events (especially looking forward to the revamped ones), so I have 3 of each of the following maxed: Balthazar, Bane, Mnesseus, Gato, Namahage. I have a 4th of each of those that are slowly leveling too. I also have 2 maxed Chochins, one with emblems. I have 2 Hisans and 2 Muggies also. I’ve been dumping extra 1* feeders into one of each of them lately. I haven’t decided if it’s worth it to bring up more than one of each of those tho. It’s probably worth it for Hisan for tournaments, but I think one Muggy is probably enough. I generally concentrate on dupes of fast snipers in the 3* range, and sometimes AoE’s (I like Chochin better than Oberon for events since the waves are only 3 enemies anyway tho). You GENERALLY don’t need more than one of each for tournaments tho. I prefer to build teams that have varied utility in that arena. Of course, with the changes that they’re making to events who knows what might work best at that point. Right now snipers and AoE’s shine there, but that might change.


Omg!! How many slots do you have on your roster??

Currently 171. About 115-120 are keepers tho. The rest I use as slots to build-up feeders (about 10ish of each color, usually), then dump them all at once.


Surprised not to see more love for duplicate Banes. He’s so much better than the other yellow three-stars. If I were collecting dupes, that’s who I’d start with.

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Melia all day long ! Shes fast, good family and amazing buff.

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A single Chochin has worked well for me thus far.

My duplicates are:

Others I would keep duplicates of:


I love her too. But why dupes?

good family bonus stats if you field them together.

and with the tournaments limiting the available elements for the tournament, you never know which element you may be short on. Having a duplicate laying around helps with your tile damage, so having a duplicate in each color is not a bad idea if you ask me.

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1 Ulmer, 2 Valen and 2 Gatos is what I run personally for my blue stacks on challenge events and raid tournaments.

Valen -> Gato is a deadly 1-2 punch, since they’re both the same color and speed they always charge at the same time. Super easy to set up and deal lots of damage with :slight_smile:

I’ve got dupes of Mnesseus and Berden myself, but only because I lack Hisan from Sand event. If I had Hisan I’d easily aim to have 3 of him + Muggy + Brienne for my green mono team

I have dupe Melia as well, for my mono yellow team I run 2 Melia + 3 Banes. I know other players choose to just have 1 of her though and run 4 Banes instead.

Her tile damage is high and the crit bonus makes it insane. Also the family bonus thing only works for each unique hero though, so you’d have to run Mnesseus with her on a 3-2 stack.


Well crap, I never noticed that before. Thanks.


Now when you add the new S3 3* s (Ei-Dunn, By-Ulf, Kvasir, Bjorn and Nordri) we have a whole new meta to take into account. How do these heros affect your choices?

Mine: Gato, Squire Wabbit, c Hawkmoon, Ei-Dunn Kvasir… too many red’s… By-Ulf flanked by Gato and Bjorn

Brienne - with and without costume :slight_smile:


OMG! Forgot about Brienme w and w/o costume!!! Yes, Yes, Yes


in my opinion Nordri deserves a place here


Oh yeah, sooooo many from which to choose. :wink:

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