Three red 5s to ascend

Greetings ladies and fellas,

I have 7 rings and I would like to ascend one among:

Zenobia (enough emblems)

Oceanus (I would have to strip King Arthur… I use him only for titans, but I wouldn’t be too happy to do it)

Ilmarinen (I could take the emblems from Magni, as I also have Finley and Morel):

Here’s my ascended heroes (not super updated but good enough:

Thank you for your help

  • Zenobia
  • Oceanus
  • Ilmarinen

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Voted Zenobia based on your emblem situation. You really don’t need anything but more variety. So trading one for another isn’t going to be all that helpful.

Oceanus is currently the highest power level hero in the game. Enough said

Usually I would say go for the one you have emblems for but that Oceanus guy is just ridiculous(ly OP)…

Personally I like Oceanus the most, but not on the cost of stripping King Arthur. Ilmarinen is great as a tank und for rush attack, everywhere else I would prefer Oceanus or Zenobia. I am using Zenobia for every green Titan, apart from that she is often on the bench… (because my red roster is very strong, for PvP I’m using others like C-Marjana, Ruby, C-Black Knight…). So I voted Zenobia. Really not an easy decision between Oceanus and Zenobia.

King Arthur is good enough for titans even stripped. Oceanus is great everywhere

Agreed. Arthur emblemed or not would have a very minimal impact on the scores of 1/5 of titans