Three players looking for an alliance that chains 14* titans

We would like a laid back alliance that chains 14* titans and enforces war flag usage.


@Mistress_of_Shadows might be able to help and I know the Crew, 7DD and North family of alliances, have many alliances in their family chaining 14* titans… In no particular order, let’s tag a few …
@Math4lyfe / @Cheds @littleKAF / @Guvnor @Julia

GL in your E&P journey

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Crew has Saders and Jesters chaining 14*.

Getting 3 in together is always going to be a bit tough though but @Iago and @Kloster can chat to you in regards to Jesters. Saders is @Math4lyfe but she’s not on the forum a lot these days so maybe @gregschen can help.

Good luck.

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Ok thanks for the tags and info everyone!

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@Headhunter I’ve got a duo on the wait list. And to best of my knowledge, I don’t have 5 leaving. Would be more than happy to chat in regards to your future endeavors if you’d like

I’m with Saders, and second the plug for us. Also a good possibility for you @Headhunter is Phoenix Empire. Great group of people. @StillVictor


Hi Headhunter, depending on how soon you want to move The Incognitos may have space :slight_smile: if you’re interested come chat with us on Line (saltychocolateballs) and we can try to work something out!


We have 3 spots. No Limit ROMANIA.

We may be able to accommodate you at Phoenix Empire. We’re a top 100 alliance (usually top 50), we chain 14* titans and we’re as laid back as it gets at this level.

If you’re interested, have a chat with Sanjoe (lineid: sanjoe2019) or Thoth (lineid: Thothishermes).


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You sound like our kind of crowd

We would be happy to accommodate all of you providing you all meet
Requirements message me for a chat line ID Toya_76

Thanks everyone for the invitations. We have moved to an alliance and are trying it out for now but if it doesn’t work out I will reach out again. Thanks!

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@Headhunter One stop titan shop does in fact have a few spots open currently. We would love to have u with us. We are chaining 14s for 2 years now. We are one of the longest running franchises in the game with 3 houses. All u need is to be over 18 (we get bad ) sarcasm and line. Love to have ya. Reach out to mama…bear (2 dots ) cant miss the shaking peach :peach:

@Sarah2 ty for the shout out

Either way u choose I wish u every happiness.

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Check out equator alliances we have 5 different groups for all playing types. East of the equator is at 14* titans. Come inquire

Glad to hear you’ve found somewhere good, best of luck :slight_smile:

Our current alliance is not going to work out so we are back to looking for a new home.

Another friendly bump for The Incognitos
We currently have 2 spots open

Thanks for replying but I have 3 people who need a spot.

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Salut les chivas fr on 2 places de libre pour des joueurs de niveaux 50 à 75. Très bonnes esprit d’équipe. Venez nous voir

Hey Headhunter, NEW ASCENSION has 3 spots available right now. Here’s our recruitment topic. If you’re interested, DM or line me at @rasputim

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