Three ideas for an effective and enjoyable game and strategy. Ideas for resources, recruits and chat!

Hello! I am writing the first post on this forum, I apologize if I accidentally repeat other topics. I am an experienced player (I have been playing actively for 1 year and 10 months), I begin to see a problem with recruits. I have a profile at level 64, I get a lot of recruits (and I use them in one of the camps - 6700 recruits. And every day I get a few hundred more, I compensate part with other camps, but their number is growing. I understand that they are forever will grow and I can’t use them. ”The question is: can there be a theoretical mechanism for selling or disposing of recruits for gems or any other resources?
I am also worried about news about the exchange of 1 * items in a special building. I saw information. That there will be an exchange of only 1 subject? Or will there be the possibility of exchanging 10,000 1 * items into something else level 2 *, 3 *, 4 * stars? It’s just that I play very actively and soon my base will be a bunch of garbage)). After the implementation of mechanisms for solving these problems, my satisfaction with the game will be even higher.I also have a separate idea for chat in the game.
Now there is a special part of the chat for players level 20 +. But the game is developing and the players now have the opportunity to grow very quickly. Sometimes you want to talk with players really experienced like me. I really do not want to write anything in the general chat of the game! This is just chaos. I would like to be active in the chat, if there was a place with level 60+ there are already many players in this level, and there will not be chaos, only the elite. Is it possible to create a 60+ level in the chat for really experienced players? I’m interested in adding this feature in at least the international and Russian segments. Although I live in Bulgaria, but the Bulgarian part of the chat is not .In the international and Russian segment there are a lot of players 60+. This idea would be really wonderful for me! I am ready to discuss these ideas and thank you for attention. I am really a fan of this game.

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