Three compass, so many contestants

Hello there:
Thanks to any body who reads this and answer, I don’t know how do you manage with so many posts about the same old topics.
I am a f2p that is triying to build its 4* roster, and it is proving to be much more challenging than the 3* (now I get all that who to ascend treads).

My prefferences, events (challenge coins, not competition), titans (loot) and war (loot). I don’t give much though to pvp.

My mats:
Damascus blade: ×2
Arcane tome: ×2
Tabbards: ×5
Tonnics: ×4
Scopes: ×4
Rings: ×3
Darts: ×2

Compass: ×3
Gloves: ×17
Blades: ×16
Orbs: ×13
Traps: ×11
Capes: ×10
Shields: ×10

My 5*:
Yellow: Drake (2/60 & 8/8), Neith (2/60 & 7/8)
Purple: Ursena (2/60 & 8/8), Grimble (2/17 & 6/8)
Red: Puss (2/17 & 6/8)

My 4*:
Yellow: Wu (4/70 8/8)
Blue: Boril (4/70 8/8), Sonya (4/70 8/8), Agwe (3/60 7/8)
Green: Kashhrek (4/70 8/8), Caedmon (4/70 8/8), LJ (3/60 8/8), Skittle (3/60 8/8), Melendor (3/60 8/8), second LJ and Caed untouched.
Red: BT (4/70 8/8, leveling costume), Colen (3/60 8/8), Kelile (3/60 8/8), untouched second Bt
Purple: Tiburtus (4/70 8/8), Proteus (4/70 8/8), Gafar (3/60 8/8), Merlin (3/60 8/8), Ridgard (3/60 8/8, costume 3/55 8/8), second Tib (1/30), untouched third and fourt Tib, untouched second Proteus, untouched Sabina.

More than 3 maxed 3* of each color.

My plan:

1 I’ll let the 5* be until I got all the mats and 3 4* rainbow teams
2 I was tinking about ascending Colen and not Kelile, because titans and events.
3 Ridgard probably would be my next 4* ascending.
4 Emnlems would be for 5* at due time.

I would appreciate literally any kind of advice or though about this, constructive criticism also welcomed. I could also share the few experience I got with this heroes if somebody even more lost than myself come across this topic.


Level Colen over kelile you probably use him more in the future.
Do rigard and also gafar is a good choice to max!

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Rigard for sure.

Colen and Kelile are both solid options, and both under appreciated.
You look thinnest on reds, so I’d go with one of those two… Colen if you’re okay with slow mana, Kelile is easier to use effectively though.

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  1. Yes, Rigard, and costume.
  2. Melendor (heal and dispel and high hits with gems)
  3. I use my Colen more often than my Kelile.

Other good choices: LJ for his mana control for events, Merlin, Second Proteus

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+1, Rigard, Melendor and whatever red you prefer, both would be effective. Personally, I like Colen more.

Down the road, give some thought to that second Proteus (people would kill for him) and Grimm or Gormek if they come your way.

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Also Wilbur is no slouch.


And Guardian Falcon. Sorry, I shouldn’t have gone down the “Wish List” road, I’ll keep it back on subject :smile: :wink:

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True, but at least Grimm and Gormek are fairly easy to obtain and Wilbur is not too hard (especially if you already have 2 Proteus).

But, for OP, concentrate on the heroes you have, not the heroes you want!


I think your overall strategy is good. Something I decided to do is to put emblems on my 4* heroes and later reset them when my 5* heroes were fully ascended and move them to the 5* heroes. For me playing with the emblems gave me more fun rather them lying in wait for a 5*

I would also agree with your strategy, besides that we share almost similar 4*s status,… if I am constrained by just 3 compasses, I will ascend Rigard, Melendor and Colen. Notably Rigard and Mel plus costumes are pretty awesome, Colen => AoE+ DoT can be devastating on attacks.

I still have my Colen at 3/60 just because Azlar showed up, now I regretted why I hadn’t ascended him earlier.

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Thanks for the answer ¿Gafar over Merlin? His heal control and him being fast are no joke traits, but wouldn’t be Merlin better for titans/events?

Thanks, sure about that. Ridgar is great (thanks to him and Proteus I’m now able to complete legendary on events and to finish the masquerade mission) and that’s why I’m ascendig him, but I would probably level him to 3/60 before using more trap tools (poor Gafar and Merlin XD)

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Being you have proteus that’s why chose gafar over merlin that’s what I would do each to how they play.
Plus any sand in war in filed aid is a bonus along with sargasso n vampires :+1:

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:rofl: Please RNG, listen to these wise words. I would level him for sure.

I now is the right choice, but with only 5 resset emblems it is such a hard choice for me. I need to think it back, tough.

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I have a few 4* with 18-19 emblems on them and no intention of resetting them as I will use them even with a lot of 5* available. BT / Grimm / Melendor. If I had Proteus he would be too.

I also have a bunch I took to 4 that are generally useful everywhere.

For Titan, Gafar is better then Merlin.

My purple titan teams:

But if you do not have Proteus, then Merlin is best for event/map/quest.
Gafar is also help for Trials of Piety and Fortitude.

Reset Emblem will come sometimes in Trial Quests…
Normally 4* heroes need more sturdy with emblems for war asset, while 5* is already sturdy enough without emblem.

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Nice info, Gafar is a very serious contestand then, also he was my first 4*, so there is the romantic thing as well. I will only have to compare him with 2nd Proteus then, though except for war I guess than Gafar would have more uses.
Also thanks, I would probably end up opening a post about emblems, because embleming 4* seems the right path.
Changing slighly the subject, I felt like costumed BT is worst than regular one, however, would the costume bonus and monk class worth a hidden blade? (To bring the costume to 4/70)

I tried to quote nevarmaor and failed. :disappointed_relieved:

Best thang to do is a @

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