Three active players looking for a new home

You can visit us for a week (or as long as you want) if you want @Pike

It would be so nice to have you!

We had the wonderful @Sarah2 last week :green_heart:

And @Homaclese is with us this week :green_heart:


Thanks. Maybe I’ll consider that at some point. You should take this as a threat. :smirk: No :broccoli:.


No :broccoli: I promise!!

I might throw some :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: though! Surely everyone likes cucumbers! And we need a treat :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just hit the link above and let’s have a chat. Link brings you to our welcome channel.

We have an extensive library that we share with over 800 members that tou can keep and use even if you decide not to join us.

We are a family of 5 alliances. Killing 14 star titans.

We are also all about respect and equality… Also, there’s a tittle word twist in the name, free of charge. :tipping_hand_man:

Добрый день я приглашаю вас в новый альянс
Я начинающий если что,:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Good afternoon, I invite you to a new alliance
I’m a beginner if so

Voi tre avete i requisiti perfetti per RIVOLUZIONE TOTALE , unitevi a noi e faremo grandi cose insieme !

English speaking family of 5 alliances would welcome you.

Just hit the link below, it brings you to our welcome channel

If you are still looking for an alliance, I’d highly recommend EPU - Empires & Puzzles University

@Shunt is a fantastic leader and they are just wonderful! I was lucky to be a part of that fabulous alliance but I’ve graduated from Uni now (as @Shunt would say)…

I still visit once in a while! A place to grow up, participate, learn and laugh

Good luck in your search

Hope you all find a nice family


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541-Titan slayers sounds like a great fit for y’all. We are an international alliance (English speaking) with a friendly but competitive approach. Top 1k when full, all flags used for those opted into war, 13-14* titans. We are active in data collection to know the right tanks based on war type and what titans to hit. We have 3 spots open due to some game retirements recently. Would love to chat more to see if it’s a fit. Ping me on Line if you want to discuss more @bison_ben83


Our current recruitment ad:
Seven current slots open for friendly active players; we just lost some folks and want to fill up. We are low key and drama free. Participation and attitude are all we ask.
Hit the titans daily… we were at 10-11* titans but are now at 8*.
Usually use green tanks in war, but aren’t hard about it; we do ask you either use all war flags or opt out.
Other than that, if you’ll be offline more than a day or two just let us know.

If you are still looking, we are semi casual

Part of the ascendant family which is made up of different level alliances, basically something for everyone:

  • Ascendant Universe
  • Ascendant Rising
  • Ascendant Immortals
  • Ascendant Blinks (my home)
  • Ascendant Slayers
  • Ascendant Super Squad
  • Ascendant Cookies Horde

I request you please check in Peace Troops, I think we are like minded people We are also three players, regular play Lvl 59, 46, 28. And If you join we can change the Alliance name as per your wish