Three active players looking for a new home

We are three active players, all friends in rl, we use all war flags and hit the titan daily.

We want to move because our current alliance doesn’t use all their war flags and half the alliance doesn’t hit the titan ever.

1 is level 75 and is end game. Insane roster.
1 is level 34 and kicks butt, real go getter.
1 is level 29 and is ftp but active and cool.

We want a laid back alliance that has strict rules about using war flags, and hitting the titan daily.

We would love an international alliance that respects everyone, equality :rainbow_flag:, and Ukraine :ukraine:.

We don’t want to stress about mythic titan or the alliance challenge event. We will compete, but not stress out about getting crazy high scores.

So our focus is on winning wars first, and killing titans.

We are looking to move shortly. Bonus points if your alliance has a funny name or a play on words like gummy bear banner or something.


A World Of Pain is interested in new members. We hit 13* titans and have plenty of room available. If you are interested, please contact our leader Sundance777 on Line. We would like to have you join us. If you decide on another alliance, that’s fine as well.

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Planet Waft!

Use all flags on Titans and Wars… Yes
International alliance… Check
Respects Everyone… I believe so
Equality… Of course
Ukraine… Hate all wars (except in game) They don’t talk politics. Enough of that in real life. Game is for fun

Laid back and fun. Not chasing top spot on Mythic titan or Alliance quest. Just do what you can

Check em out and tell Buu Blem said Hi if you do!

Happy gaming :grinning:

La Vie Bohem sends a warm welcome to you. We are laid back we strict war participation. We are international with 2 Ukrainian members. We are all about respect and equality. Mythic titans participation is encouraged but not required

Hi our alliance would love to have all three of you join our little family/alliance. We may not hit all of your tic marks. If you check us out and you choose not to join us i would really like your feedback as to why! Thanks in advance!

Hi there! I recently found a great alliance, it is still growing but the group is great! We are strict on using war flags and hitting the titan, but do not focus on the alliance quest or mythic titan. We still hit the titan as it can still provide good loot but there is no stress on our official “standings” or even check our standings for that matter lol. We are international with most being Dutch and a few of us American and we hope to continue to foster that welcoming environment! The only other requirement besides using Titan and War flags is the use of the messaging app Line. There are high level experienced players playing in the “main” alliance while we are technically considered a training alliance but that just gives us the option for one on one mentoring if wanted. I already spoke with the leader who said she would welcome all three of you! You can contact her on line at @queenofdarkness050 … Hope you guys find a good alliance regardless! I know how a bad alliance can make the game much less fun :frowning:

Fury of the Fearless would love to have you. No pressure on the alliance events of any form. Missed war flags are rare as are 0s on titans; real life happens.

I think we have a cup minimum, but I can drop that to 0 if needed.

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TBD: part deux is recruiting. Active alliance, titan hits required, war flags must be used if opted in. Coordinated tanks.

Check out our thread:

If you would like more info, I can get you invited to our discord server, which has a lot of great resources.


@GrumpyCreature8 Hope I tagged the right one :smile:

Hey guys! Our Alliance is called Majestic Fighters… We were having the same problem with War participation & our leader was having rl issues & turned the Alliance over to me… Ended up booting a bunch because of War participation so now everyone in uses all their flags… 3 hits on the Titan required daily & if opted into the Wars use all flags… We focus solely on Titans & Wars… Everything else we’re laid back on… Everyone respects each other & we keep politics out of the game…

Trry us out. we care b

You can try ‘batman & derric’
We’re quite laid back. Hit the titan, use all flags when you opt in for war, coordinated tank colours

Hi guys. Sorry to hear things aren’t as active as you’d like them to be for the moment. We are a 5 team alliance stretching from 14* killers to our startup training team.

  • Over 200 international members.
  • Massive resource library and support from 5 year experienced players, some of whome are in the E&P beta programme
  • We definitely have two teams that suit your exact requirements. Both can take all 3 of you in the same team.
  • If life changes, you want to get more active or slow down because real life is crashing in, we have movement to stronger or more relaxed teams
  • Check us out, all our teams in game have “Equator” in the name, or come chat with us at

Happy gaming either way!

Grumpy (Equator Alliances recruiting manager)

Check us out. Burning Sun is the place you’re looking for.

Forsaken Ones is interested on your services guys!! It seems you fit in our home so we wait you come and check us!! Cheers!!!

TBD: part Deux is the place to be. Happy place for all. No Pressure but as said Titans get Hit, wars get fought (no flags get left behind).
Advice is freely given when asked for and encouragement is often provided by our cheerleader in Chief @Luna.


If you would like you can give 2 Richard’s Tavern a look. We are an international alliance whose focus on on enjoying the game. We all hit the titan as frequently as possible, all war flags are used. We do not stress over Mythical titans or Allance Quests. I think you guys would be a good fit, our highest member is level 91 with the newest being level 13. If interested just tell them Wolf sent ya.


We are a great gang

Wonderful leader and co-leaders

It would’ve great to see you guys in our alliance


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We are chill and respectful

TBD ~Part Deux~


I recommend

Wonderful people! I’ve never been a member, :thinking: but they are wonderful people! Ok, @Luna loves turtles and @Owzat is kinda addicted to cricket. But wonderful people!
I’d better stop now and wash my mouth with soap before I do any more harm…