Thread was unfairly shut down- No naming and shaming

A thread that I started was unfairly shut down imo. I’ve linked to it below. No rules were violated and ideas to combat a known problem were being discussed civilly. In fact, there was a few good ones that should be discussed further.
Please open it back up. A reminder to not name and shame would have been plenty.

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That thread was shut down (not by me) because the premise was:

…which would run afoul of the “no naming and shaming” rule.

However, there’s nothing wrong with a thread discussing the underlying concern you raised:

…so long as it’s not used for publicly collating player names. (That can happen privately, e.g. in a Line group.)

So if you’d like to start a new thread about that topic, and just leave out the part of naming names, I think that’d be fine. :slight_smile:


I am in a discord Server with a section “poachers and shady People”. I am quite sure you will find similar in a line Group. Not sure if this should be placed at Forum.

It should not, but Discord and Line groups like the one you mentioned are perfect. :slight_smile:

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I wanna see it!!
20 !!!s

Here is the link to the server

Generally it is a recruiting server but also got some other sections…just check it out.
Also a very helpful ebot where you can get details to all heroes (stats and AM needed)