Thread tracking the different offers?

is there a thread that tracks the different offers and specials that are recurring? so we more or less know what to wait for?

The only one I buy is the 30 day VIP which was available at Christmas and way better value than any other. Would like to know if it comes up more than once a year.

There isn’t anything specific which tracks every offer ever offered.

There are ones which have tracked the calendars during Seasonal Events.

I believe that some players have screenshots of all the offers made BUT I don’t think that’s ever been made into a single Forum Thread… or sheet or anything.

It came up also during Morlova at Hallowe’en last year. Called Valeria’s something-or-other I think.

Edit: Hallow Charms

Think there is a thread of pictures of alot of offers floating about somewhere.

this has to be the best forum in gaming. literally everything is tracked. it would be funny if the one thing left untracked are the sales offers :rofl:

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