Thread for suspected or confirmed war saboteurs?

Can we start a thread for suspected or confirmed war saboteurs? I’m talking about people who use their alts to join alliances before war but then immediately leave after the war starts. The point isn’t to disparage them publicly (though they deserve it) but to give us honest folk fair warning before letting somebody in. Otherwise, we need the ability to report those suspected of such behavior so they can be banned (along with their main accounts if they can be found out).

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Feel for you, but do you think, this board is the right place to start a pillory?


That’s why I’m asking instead of just doing it…


Why not add -deserter- to the account for the next war?

This would cut these tatcics by half and if they would do it again within 3 wars it would extend for more wars.


Witch Hunt! Call 'em out!

Hmmm… now whom shall I name first…

I can see this as a very useful thing to have. That said, naming and shaming is explicitly against the rules on the forum, and I’m afraid that this would fall foul of that.

I’d recommend starting a Line group dedicated to sharing this information, or adding it to an existing Line group. If it’s kept in notes, even new joiners will be able to find it.


Honestly, though, I’m not sure why anyone would intentionally do this other than out of spite for a person or an alliance.

You don’t know who you’re getting matched with, so it’s not a strategy. Just someone being a nerdburglar.


No ‘naming and shaming’, please. ‘Tis against forum rules.

Edit: “nerdburglar” - heh, heh heh,


How would this help their main accounts? They don’t know who they’re facing until after matchmaking is completed. I’m sure this is a little different in the upper echelon of alliances since they face the same alliances repeatedly…then again, those alliances tend to be full or invite-only.

Wierd alliance hopping should have consequences. Maybe sth like 2 days no titan flags, 1 week no war and a max of 3 swaps per month…

This would likely squash mercenaries, which are now mostly people helping out alliances with Titans. Loot for them is reduced as it is.

Hopping in an alley to fight the titan for others is wierd and I’d say a bad strategy, which exploits the game and the hoppers.

It’s too hard to determine with an algorithm somebody’s intentions with alliance hoping… I think either a public list where they can defend themselves or a reporting option are the only two feasible options.

Sorry guys, no “naming and shaming,” and this would be exactly that.

I’m sure Line or Discord groups exist that share this type of information.

Alas, this thread will be closed. :slight_smile: