Thoughts on two proposed defense teams

First, I realize the heroes are not at max level in these screenshots… Assume for all arguments that heroes are 4.80 and have emblems to at least +15.

Do you believe either of these teams would make a good defense for wars and raids? It seems like the trend is to go with all fast snipers but i’m trying to build a defense without going the “cookie cutter” approach.

The difference between the two teams is Delilah vs Inari.

Inari brings something interesting with her minions and dodge. While Delilah brings a heal and slash attack from her minions. So you could make a case for either.

The idea here is that if Santa fires then the damage from Kadilen and Vela becomes very deadly. The concern though with Aeron (and not having Delilah) is the only healing is a relatively weak HOT.

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Both teams are far too passive for my tastes (but that doesn’t mean they can’t win some raids, just not likely at a high clip) and if I was looking for a quick raid win, I would stop rerolling once I saw either of these. Just my opinion though. Always best to try for yourself.

What do you think is needed for this defense to work? replacing Vela or Kadilen with a sniper? Replacing Aeron with a sniper and leaving Kadilen and Vela? Something else entirely?

I had the same thought you did looking at the team, but also thought, it could be one of those teams where it looks easy but ends up being hard because of specials getting dodged/mitigated and a steady tick of damage.

Just an opinion here, but if my tank was Santa, with a 3 turn, large defense down, I’d want him to be paired with a flank that does damage, preferably at fast and preferably to multiple targets… kad flanking Santa is more ideal I’d say and vela as his other flank could be a brutal 1-2 punch. Healing and support flanks have never been real threats to me, so yes I’d remove both aeron (monk anyway) and inari / Del. Having said that, in war, some do prefer healers in and when depth starts to dwindle (depending on the teams you face) a healer like Del could be a solid flank / wing option if you prefer. I think a team of say ses - vela - Santa - kad - joon (snipers replaceable) would be a tough one shot… even if Santa is taken out with mono tiles, the one two of kad then vela, followed by snipers to take out hopefully a few key attackers could cause troubles. In a case where Santa were flanked by Del… if Santa goes down early… I’m assuming it’s gonna be a one shot. Anyway, that’s my thoughts :slight_smile:

I could be biased though as my current defense is a similar concept (ses-vela-bk-zel-drake)

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I really like the way you broke down the positions of the heroes and why… Kudos!

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Nope too low of damage in both and mana speed too low in both