Thoughts on Thoth

Just pulled Thoth from the Atlantis summons, not my first choice but happy to walk away with a 5*.

At face value he seems somewhat lackluster however with the inclusion of classes, his sorcerer status makes him more interesting.

Thoughts on him? I have 5/6 tabbards and it’s between him and Khiona, leaning towards Khiona for now and circling back to him potentially later on.

Based on 7dd ratings they both average out to a B, but it seems Thoth is much closer to a B- and Khiona is much closer to a B+. Based on personally experience I think Khiona has more impact on a raid defense team. Don’t have either one so can’t speak exactly on Raid Offense and titan hits, but on paper Khiona still seems better.

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Khiona is 10x the hero Thoth is


I have had Thoth since he was first offered back in November 2017, and he is maxed. He has a real potential to be a major tank, but he seems to lack the mojo to get it done. He hits fast, but not hard, and the damage he causes to three comparable enemy heros is around 300-400 points each. Just not enough when you consider that hero hit points and armor are going up this year (emblems). I am half thinking of using attack emblems on him, but I just don’t know. He needs help.

Khiona again, once I was won raid in situation
My Rigard v/s Enemy Thot, with Khiona it wil be much harder

Similar boat, just pulled Thoth which is nice, right?

Thoth…should he get almost insta-love or is it better to focus on 4* Dark heroes for depth in war and the new challenge events? Sartana is (finally) almost done, one Proteus and one Sabina are maxed. Rigard, Cyprian, Ameonna and Tibby would all be nice to have as options.

I think I prefer Sartana to Thoth on regular defense and prefer Morgan among the Sorcerers, mats aren’t yet abundant so he may be waiting a very long time in spite of being my only other dark 5*.

When up against enemy raid teams, Khiona causes me more problems than Thoth does.

I also loved Brienne for a long time and Khiona is the big sister…love the escalating attack, shame the duration is so short for Khiona

Thanks for the perspectives everyone, it sounds like we’re all on the same page

I have had toth maxed since he originaly game out and he is terrible. Seriously i only ever use him for my 4th round of attacks in war I chose many of my 4 stars over him in war…

I don’t have khiona but I find her much more difficult in raids then Toth.

Paired with G.Panther, hes deadly. Look at @Dator and @Uclapack youtube videos. I enjoy watching them show different team compositions as an offensive force. Just nevermind the Dator luck. And Roxy as their mascot is just +20% luck.


Yea definitely the small aoe paired with panther is amazing. Hel being the best, then sargasso (what I use), then thoth (what dator uses) plus side on thoth is he is fast mana also but doesn’t do as much damage. The minions do make him tanky though. Mine’s been sitting at 3-70 for a while but if nothing else he isn’t as bad as some say. Unlike a certain ice hero named bleeper (he is the worst). Love that you brought up Roxy lol!

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Thoth with dator luck he
Just kills everyone! Lol. Hope i can catch the next steam.


Any purple hitter paired with Panther is always deadly.

Weak sniper + fast mana + minion = not so bad (you dont find many AOE fast mana heroes around)

Worth the 6 tabards and 8 trap tools? Depends on your own personal preference in summoning. F2P or even C2P players should go for it if they have it. P2P may just wanna wait for better heroes.

Sartana is unmatched for being a TC20 hero and one of the most used in diamond. She is F2P/C2P players dream purple hero.


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