Thoughts on Thorne

So Thorne has received a buff in the recent patch, 33more attack at max level and slightly weaker defense. Roughly 6% damage increase. Yea, he is still pretty useless.
Why doesnt he have a special effect, the perfect example I think of is freezing the enemies for 1-2 turns, similar to stunning titan. Frozen enemies can’t attack or use specials for 1-2 turns.
Having burn damage from fire element, poison from dark element, and blind from holy element, it would be really cool to introduce freeze or stun in the game.


the closest to freeze/stun in game is Cabin Boy Peters (4* event green). He does silence +damage. You still gain mana, but can’t cast for 3 turns

Can’t say that this buff really changed anything, tbh.

Freeze for 2 turns?
Lol, easily the best hero in the game then.

You have really simple desires.

I said 1-2 turns.
Even with 2 turns he is still weaker than Hel.

Nope, Hell only stop mana, not normal action or specials if the bar is already fill.
Stop a hero whatever he’s doing it’s reaaaaaly OP.

They already change his stats to accomodate yours and others complains, but not strengthen him any further.
Don’t you think is it because he is not weak at all?


Why dont you calculate his special damage, compare him with Richard and other heroes, like Musashi who does similar damage but is a fast charger. and keep in mind he doesnt have any special effect.
Elk is the only hero with similar special who is weaker than him, even after they buffed him as well

A stun isnt that op for 1 or 2 turns

And they can make so u still gain mana

Then try to compare Li Xiu special damage with Colen special damage. If you look only the math, Li xiu has to be just garbage, but in reality it is not. She is a little more fast and more tank.
Same way Thorne is A LOT of a tank, and heroes a lot of a tank (like him or Justice) never do a lot of damage just because it is unfair if they do so.
That said, i know he has not status effect and this is a great handicap, i know. But as other said there’s always a “best” hero and a “worst” one.
If you look on the player chart, you found a lot of Athena and a lot of Magni. Not only Thorne, but even Richard and Isarnia are not so good for best players.

2 turns can easily do the difference between win or completely annihilate your team.

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If you try to compare Lixiu and Thorne, Lixiu burns mana and Thorne does nothing but damage. Thats why people use her. She’s just too useful.

Being tanky doesn’t mean anything. A good meat shield is never a good tank.

The most important ability of a great tank is supporting your wings, buffing and protecting your attackers (Boldtusk and Vivica for example). If you don’t have that, at least be threatening in the middle, or debuffing enemies (Like justice and Lixiu).
Thorne doesn’t have any of these attributes, he is just a non-threatening usless piece of meat. And he CANT do anything to help his teamates.

“Non-threatening piece of meat” = meat shield. All he does is stand there taking hits, slowly dying, while the rest of your team kick butt and destroy the other side. His purpose is to draw fire. I don’t see what the problem is.

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He can sure block some damage, but the attackers can just hit him to generate mana since his special is not threatening, and use specials to kill his entire team.
Most of the damage source is from specials, gems attack dont do nearly as much damage and I wont expect use gems to kill attackers anyway.

How would you alter Thorne to improve him without making him OP or making him too similar to an existing hero? interested

Like I said earlier, they can introduce freeze to the game similar to stun.

Which would certainly make him OP…

it depends on how freeze work, they can also lower the damage ratio and make freeze more an utility spell than a damage spell.

It’s just weird to me that theres no freeze or stun in the game, because stunning titans already exists, why doesn’t any hero have similar spell. Cabin boy’s silence is similar, I’m looking froward to it.

And they don’t have to apply freeze to thorne, they can introduce new heroes who have freeze ability.

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I’m certain if they introduce Freeze/stun, they will wind up dialing back the power as too OP.

That said, I’d love to have a stunning hero! :smile:

I did have some fun raiding with two Cabin boys and Kestrel a while back. As I mentioned it was for fun and nowhere near the best combination in the game.

How about some sort of heal? As far as I know, blue is the only colour without a 5 star healer of any sort and this would kind of fit the theme of Thorne as a Paladin and add some much needed utility to his role as a tank. This wouldn’t make him as OP as adding a stun or introducing any novel ability that all the other 5 star colours don’t already have. True, Thorne in his current form is a decent meat shield but most people would agree that he is both the worst one (compared to Richard, Justice, Horghall, several 4 star hero’s, etc) and is by far the worst of all the current blue 5 stars. In fact, I would even say that most 4 star blues have more utility than Thorne (Grimm for attack, Kiril for heals and tanking, Sonya for fast debuff), all of whom are far easier to obtain and ascend compared to a level 80 Thorne.

To be honest I am surprised that they buffed Leonidas so much in the last update to help make him more viable yet left Thorne untouched.


Give Thorne a spirit link. I Think that might make him way better.

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