Thoughts on this?


I wouldn’t buy it. My craft houses can build all that for me.

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Yeah exactly

20 character s

Lol, yeah maybe some of these 1500 gem packs should be redone! :rofl:

I could easily use up all of those items in only three or four battles. It is not even remotely worth 1500 gems, in my opinion, even if you like spending real money for gems.

Yay, give me my credit card.

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If you put that package on an in-game eBay, would it even get 15 gems? I don’t think so.

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Also who buys this

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Total waste of gems.

Well I was wondering when someone will point those out cause it’s just ridiculous… But while we’re on this subject…


Puts a big smile on my face whenever I see this in my newly Forge

Happily we needn’t lose too much sleep over these awful offers, because no one is compelled to purchase them.

This. I don’t even check the offers anymore, every single one other than trainer’s tools simply isn’t worth the money.

Some people purchase the flasks one, I suppose that has value though I’ve never done the math vs. WE gem purchase refills anyway.

You get 3 Alliance Flasks for 200 Gems basically. I actually just checked that out today. At least the one available. The rest is same as buying refills.

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Ah thanks for checking that!

Not even sure the alliance flasks are worth the effort or gems. I got 3 ascension items in a row scoring a B in titan attacks. Go figure.

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Not if you don’t take down the Titan. Alliance flasks can mean the difference between taking down a Titan or letting it escape.

A Titan gives about 10 gems max and a possible ascension item

Not worth 200 gems imo

So it escapes. Then you get an easier titan. And the difference in loot for the easier titan is miniscule.

Not saying escaping titans is a good thing. But 200 gems? Not worth it.

Yeah wouldn’t spend money on something you can craft. Play hard think smart!

There is a difference in Alliance score if a Titan escapes. Some want their score to keep climbing. :slight_smile:

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