Thoughts on Santa?

Now that the Christmas heros are out and I was lucky? enough to pull Santa :santa: I’m curious to what the thoughts are on him. His stats look good, perhaps a new top tank? Titan Hero?

With only 6 rings, I’m debating maxing him or Ares. So very interested in pros and cons of Santa

He looks awesome to be honest. Mrs Claus is the Alby 2.0

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Do you think she’s better than Alby?

Hard to tell at this point but I see Santa as a more defensive hero. Mother north I think is better than alby

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I’d do Ares over Santa, and Mother over Alby based on testing in beta. All are solid cards.

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I want Santa for my defensive tank. I would need to rearrange a bit but I could use a 5* red and a tank. I think he fits the bill.

Eve and buddy would be nice too. Eve more so as I have a spot for her.


He is not a tank better then Gravemaker and has pretty much the same utility of Wilbur for titans. (but overall i rank wilbur higher).

A good but not must have hero.

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Never said he was better than Gravemaker. I don’t have GM so I need something and he would fit.


he is 2 slow, the debuff he cast is 2 ez 2 counter(zimkitha lol), he gets tier B the most for raid defence(i would giff him a C)

Too many people are scared by slow heros. Granted faster is better but there are a few slow heros that can make difference.

A slow tank and a fast flank charges often at the same time. Santa + Drake Fong = 3 dead attackers.


every hero has their use, good or bad, they all get a chance to make a difference… the thing is the percentage of chance to make those differences. when talking about if a hero is good as tank, it’s like how often they win you the raid defence, doesn’t seem like the number is very high for him… well it’s just what i see him as a tank in the area i usually raid(2600-2800), maybe he can do better in different areas just maybe…

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oh those darts I am waiting for. I have 2 Drakes at 70.

I was thinking about

Joon Khiona Santa Lianna Isarnia/Rigard for Defense if I draw Santa.

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Never said you had it.
Just stated that if you expect a tank on that level, he is not.

I am slightly off of your pace in cups. So we raid similar. I can see him being viable. I do not have a tanky hero at all. My current defense uses Lianna.

well if that’s your case, he is your only tank type then there is not much to ask, only choice is go for it lol. it could be just me, i like to pick a gravemaker tank as opponent a lot when raiding, i like to play against red tanks, it could be an issue for my sight. Santa is also red, so he could probably be a better tank than what i thought, at least i can see he is better than some of the blue ones aegir, thorne…some of the green ones horghall… some of the red ones elena, gudrdian kong, khagan maybe? and more…

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I actually pick on Justice and sometimes Drake tanks. Wish I saw them more. I am going to need to figure out how to beat Guin. Grave is tough but I can take him down with a decent board. I have 2 dark attackers so the yellow makes sense.

Ran into a fully leveled santa tank. I got beat, but it wasn’t a very good board, so not sure how much that counts for anything.

I am impressed that someone has him fully leveled already though.


Graveymaker isn’t that tanky either. Hes just super fast with a DoT.


Got a Santa and am a bit confused how people can’t like him hard. Granted, he’s slow, but as a center tank I tried to get a Colen levelled as he’s the center I fail most against in raids, and Santa is better in all regards (but direct damage). He also has better defense and health stats than Gravemaker (unnecessary to say that he’s much beefier than Colen) and the effects of his ability are devastating. I mean, attack debuff of all enemies is great for defense, but also defense debuff? WOW. AND added damage? WOW. AND minions, which effectively means a small additional healing of the defenders and himself? WOW.

Lets also not forget that attack and defense debuff is like a half dispel for enemy buffs.

I’ll also test him for the PvE levels and events, as stocking up minions before bosses is nice. Ok, for raids he’ll be too slow, but still a very nice hero.