Thoughts on Quintus after his last update

I know the general consensus for a long time seems to have been that Quintus was undesirable, with many saying they’d prefer to level Tibertus or Rigard and wait to use their royal tabards on whatever other 5-star they’re able to eventually draw. Is this still how you feel, even after the update, not long ago, bumping his damage to 260% to all enemies?

His damage output seems pretty incredible, the highest in the game in terms of straight-forward damage dealt (though if you include Azlar’s burn damage, he would be number one, albeit after six rounds). I understand that Quintus’s slow-mana build is a hindrance, but the potential to deal 1300% damage doesn’t seem all bad.

Compared to, say, Obakan, who deals 260% to one and minor damage to nearby, or Domitia, who deals 350% to a single enemy, it seems to me Quintus would hold his own, at least in regard to raids and events. (Sartana and Hel seem clearly to be the best all-around 5-star dark options, though only Sartana is available now.)

I’d also like to know if there is anyone with Quintus actually maxed who can speak to his playability. Have folks actually maxed him and seen that he is ineffective, or is your opinion of him only based on a comparison of stats?

Thanks for your feedback!


I think it’s all relative to a) how you use him (i.e. he;s not great in titans) and b) who else you have. I really think it’s the usage that is driving the hate. Like, his slow special + attack all may be good for a map level (which many have completed) but not a titan. Once you clear the map titans and events (and raids if that is your thing) is all that’s left, and in two of the three he’s ok, but far from the best (Sartana is a killer no matter what you use her for, as an example).

I beg to differ for titan fights.
As long you consider only special attacks, yes, no doubt Sartana is better.
But normal attacks are based on stats, and Quintus has an higher attack than Sartana. And if you use the trick of buff/debuff (that all mayor hitter use) the difference increase exponentially.
So if you are fighting a random titan i bet on Sartana, but a yellow one i pick Quintus.

Generally speaking, he is not half bad right now.
Not a top hero but… Not useless.


True - but I also have a close to fully leveled Sabina and a tier 2 Quintus, so between the two Sabina hits a lot harder + Sartana in my other ‘dark’ slot for holy titans.

Again - all comes down to context and heroes :slight_smile:

6 tabards in total are rarer for me than purple 5*'s personally, and I suspect that will be true for everyone in game at some point.

Spending them on Quintus makes little sense to me, and then when you’re comparing Quintus at 70 vs. Tibby or Sabina, hrm, no thanks.

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Sure is.
I have Hell so… he has no chance in my team :rofl:

I’m up to five royal tabards now and still can’t decide whether or not to use em on ole Quintus.

The odds of getting another five-star without paying seem extraordinarily long, and the chances of that five being Sartana near absurd.

But if I level Quintus and turn around and draw a better purple, I’m going to be in a rage, lol.

Maybe decide which will rage you less:

  • leveling Quintus, only to then get Sartana
  • NOT leveling Quintus, trying for Sartana and not getting her

You know you. You know what you really want. :wink:


I know how you feel. Just got enough telescopes to ascend Richard, but holding off until next Challenge Event. Just in case I can get someone better in the Challenge Summon. I can fully ascend one of each color right now so will try to play the patience game best I can. So far Richard is my only 5*.

Quintus is a dark Azlar.
So… Not so bad.

The problem with Quintus is just like the one with Skittleskull. You have to stick him in the corner on Defense Team so he even has a chance of surviving. Forcing them into the corner with Slow mana, just makes for an undesirable situation. Of course, I’m talking about Defense Teams exclusively with this scenario.

All slow mana heroes suck imho. I know alot folks are big on Alberich but i can’t even remember the last time he even got a special off on me on raids so i smile from ear to ear when i see him in raids cause i know thats one useless hero i need not stress bout and i cant even begin to see him any good for a titan less you feed him mana pots and then he’s still mediocre at best. I avoid slow mana heroes, just fed a skittle not to long ago with one ascension to my Perseus and enjoyed it like a fat kid enjoys McDonalds.


Hah. Rook, you give some great advice.

But I don’t reckon I know the answer to that question.

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At some point you will. :wink:

Just for kicks, I looked through the current top 100. There were all of two teams with Quintus.

Almost uniformly, the purple of choice was either Hel or Sartana. There was one Sargossa, one Dominita, and three or four Panthers, though more often than not the Panthers were paired with a Hel. There were a few teams with either Rigard or Tibertus.

On the whole, about 90% had Hel or Sartana.

All you’re seeing when you look through those top teams is their defense team. Personally a defense team holds no interest for me. I’d like to be able to view their Titan teams.

Well, I can guarantee you none of their titan-hitting teams have Quintus either. :confused:

It really is a shame the AoE hitters get so thoroughly hosed against titans. If the titan can fill the screen and stand in for five enemies, then surely it’s taking more than a tiny sliver of damage.


The AoE hitters typically have high tile damage, so if you believe that high tile damage is the key to success (vs firing specials) then our slow AoE hitters are very useful. Level 70 skittle fights a lot of titans with me for this reason, the special with the -34% defense is a perk.

That’s really say nothing of your interest.

  • Hell is indeed one of the best heroes around, so if she was yellow we have no Joon around.
  • People ascended Sartana before Quintus was pumped

Surely having Hell and Panther is the best choice, but between Quintus and Sartana right now i really don’t know what to pick, and he is surely better of Domitia/Obakan/Thoth.

Many people don’t like slow mana heroes, but massive damage heroes are always a good choice, even slow.

Better than Domitia? Dispel for a 5* (only two in game, the other being Panther) and a more useful skill for titans than Quintus.

Maybe on defense with mana accelerating heroes (Khagan / Lancelot / Alby) Quint can shine but that seems pretty niche.