Thoughts on Purple Titan!

Who gets this annoying 10* Dark Chaos Spider that’s hard to kill and gives nothing?

Hi @Adrianna, welcome to the forum!

We all have our bogey titans. My least favourite is the Emperor Dragon.

On this point, titan loot is rolled according to the tier you get but isn’t dependent on the type of titan. But yes, it’s frustrating to smack a big beast and get dust and string!


My least favorite is Ice anything due to not having big 5* green roster (Gregorion + 2*Elkanen), but I absolutely dread Thunder Unicorn. That stupid dynamo horse reflects blue, and no points for guessing which hero I use on every titan for big scores.

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I love purple titans since I have Jackal and Gazelle.
Loot isn’t always good but I always get ham and Iron


I wouldn’t know… My alliance hasn’t had a purple titan in the last 5 weeks… Lol!

I don’t remember, does the 10* Chaos Spider have that super heavy DOT? If so either take a cleansing hero, or antidotes.

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My only cleansing hero atm is Rigard. Sadly, the titan reflects purple tiles and easily kills my Rigard soon into the game. The titan has a strong defense, I reckon. I usually score 20k-30k for purple heroes since I got Wu Kong, Neith and Justice. But they don’t work as much with this chaos spider. I only score like 5k to 10k with it plus the poison DOT is insane.

Welp, we just need to see the good things in horrible titans, non? Hahaha thank you!

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Maybe the reason for that is that Purple Titans have been preferring to hit our alliance lately. I hope I have the power to send them your way lol :)))

Bring some antiDOTes :upside_down_face:

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Whoa I’ve never actually thought about that. Honest. The green one, right? Why thank you! I’m still 5 months into the game though hahaha

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Whoa! I just saw the witty Wordplay there! True true!

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The items can help you a lot with titans, mana potion, bear or turtle banners, health potions etc

But honestly, I’m lvl 50 we do 12* titans and I still bring antidotes with me

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My favorite titans are Asura Tigers. For some reason, my blue team does much higher damage to those rare tigers than normal red titans (I guess they have low def?); and it’s really funny seeing how at my level, the alliances I’ve been in, none of them knows to use Sonya to dispell the counter attack; so they kind of… just die after 15 seconds, lol. Meanwhile I’m getting 100k average hits… so sweet.

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My alliance battles 10*-11* titans lately. The difficult part is my alliance is quite tolerant so others don’t hit as much. However, I’m kinda glad if so because sometimes I fail to do my responsibility as a member e.g. hitting the titan. And okay, noted. I gotta make sure to bring with me antiDOTes and bear or turtle banners! Thank you! :hugs:

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The items I use are antidotes, lesser mana potion, tornadoes and time stop.
For example on purple, I charge jackal and gazelle with mana (if I have yellow tiles, otherwise its useless)
If I cant stun it I use tornadoes or time stop depending on the board.
(Didnt mention tornadoes and time stop I thought you were at a lower level)

We got a 11* purple today, first one in ages
With 2 tornadoes 8 lesser mana vial to start gazelle and jackal and broke a new personnal record:

Guess what?! We got the spider again! Screenshot_20200406_231646_com.smallgiantgames.empires|233x500

Hope it gets better with antidote ^^

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