Thoughts on new Ice team? Should Frosth get finished/added?

I tend to war with 4/1, but raid with full mono. I just created a new Mono ICE team based on Mr. Pengi. This team has me laughing!!

Thoughts on taking Frosth past 3/70 to completion to add to this team? If so, who would get replaced by him? I can’t imagine using Frosth anywhere else but this team … well, maybe with a Puss in Boots team. Thoughts?


I think Glenda’s a better choice than Frosth since she not only gives minions to all, but also buffs the special skill. The minion attack/hp boost that Frosth gives is not that important, since you’re going for special skill damage anyway. And you already have Ariel for the mana buff.

I would change the formation though, to cKrampus - Pengi - Glenda - Morel - Ariel since Pengi gives minions to nearby, and Glenda’s buff serves Morel better.

My Pengi team is cKiril - Krampus - Frosth - Pengi - Thorne (in that firing order). Because you can’t control who Pengi fires at, Thorne is there to finish off any survivors. I’m levelling up a 2nd Pengi to replace Thorne in the near future. Troop-wise, I gave Pengi a ninja troop for the bypass chance.

And I agree, it’s a really fun team if you get the 9 tiles

Edit : If you want to add Frosth so that your team has 15 minions when Pengi fires, then I’d take out Ariel. When you get 9 tiles, you won’t need healing


I use frosth and Pengi with Reuben and Boldtusk in normal wars and substitute Reuben with Noor in VF.
The fifth position is a decent hitter or a dispeller dependent on opponent.
Did not find an other good purpose for frosth and Noor.

Happy gaming


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