Thoughts on mica and where he fits well in

Just need players thoughts on mica and how well he does on your defence or offensive as thinking of levelling him.

Hey, @Chrislilt

I pulled him in first or second ninja tower.

At first i was disapointed because he is not garnet, onyx or cobalt, which u can find in many defenses nowadays. And as my defense is weak as **** , i preferred one of them.

Mica in defense is something i wouldnt recommend, as he is easily debuffed or can be played around. Some play him, but there surely are better fits.

Good thing is I soon learned, that he is awesome in offense. Especially against sniper heavy teams, you should be able to get 5 tiles (4 tiles respectively) together, and you will be fine for the first turns.
In addition, when playing him in offense, you can time his special attack to when u need it. Didnt need him to fire his special power in the beginning and now have him on charge 3? Congrats your other fast heroes now need 3 ghost tiles to be fully charged.

For me, and i want to stress that out, the extra stamina/durability for the first few turns in a match is what makes him special , which is even more important for mono teams, when the right tiles are missing.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:


I use him only at offense and most of the time after first level mana. The great advantage of Ninja is very fast for first and in Mica case he will boost mana and more which becomes a great spiral.

Happy gaming

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I have Mica maxed and emblemmed at +18.

I have experimented with him in defense, didn’t really notice any major leaps or falls, never going down below 2500. I wouldn’t recommend him for defense though - as others mentioned, he can be played around quite easily.

Offensively is where he shines. He needs as little as 5 tiles to give you 15% mana boost, 20% defense buff and spirit link. Incredibly helpful against sniper-heavy team. Once you charge him once, his buffs stay on all the time as his mana buff to himself allows him to charge even easier. Small issue with him there is that it’s very easy to override your strong 3x charge buff with a smaller one if you are not careful when casting specials.

I wish SG gave him something like all allies cleanse - then he would be perfect, though he’s still very solid.


Some good posts here - I really thought that he was mostly a defense hero because of all those buffs, but you changed my mind. I’m surprised that he’s good on offense, I might give him darts after all!


Cheers @Suicide_Bunny @danig @A-Sweden. Just what I needed to know :+1:. Offensive it is as was thinking of sticking him in with my mono team will be vivica , mica, sif, ureaus,malosi


Sif and Mica are pretty redundant if you have them - both give your team survivability. I think that mono would be durable but lacking attack power. I’d change between Sif and Mica depending on the circumstances (take Mica against snipers/Sif against AOE) and take some hitter, even good old Joon instead.

I thought this but with sif counter attack the damage she gets will bounce back at them witch makes her deadly.

I hav vids of vivica sif ureaus by them selfs takeing out 4700 tp teams because of how deadly she is as iv Been experimenting with sif for fun. Then thought to my self iv got mica I wonder what he will be like to add in the mix lol.

Plus if don’t go well iv got white rabbit lol. always love experimenting

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