Thoughts on Kage, guys?

can you confirm this?
how the special work vs titan?
titan is a normal enemy, 3milion hp (full life) damage 450%, 1’49milion hp (under half life) damage 250%, correct?


You may take a look on those threads too.


Both had talked about Kage in many points. It would save you up some time/posts/thoughts.
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Thanks for the link @Jedon. Truly appreciate it.

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Any time mate … :heart:
Have a great time :smile:


He wil only be good 50% of the titan time :wink:

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Thank you for this…did not know specials fire In The order listed…great knowledge for noobs like me


780 Attack Power x 450% = 3510 Base Damage Very Fast

Lianna (best spiker in the game)

729 Attack Power x 512% = 3732 Base Damage Fast

Not sure how that can be considered to be “not very good.” Seems like an excellent hero for taking out heroes on the wings that you’re afraid will go off before you can get to them. Seems great in color stacks, nearly OP but probably not game breaking. Excellent choice for early titan battles it seems.

And he’s VERY FAST. Everyone, please stop asking for so much from very fast heroes. Your desire for fast heroes and hate for slow ones has been listened to by SG. Very fast speed is a bonus in itself— imo he should only be fast. He’s a good enough hero to be loved. Sorry if im being brash but like many other excellent heroes: Figure him out. Play around with him.


I have no idea how he made it out beta like this. He’s missing a star under his name, he should have 6. The dispel should not happen first, no 4 star will ever survive a hit from him. I don’t like the direction the game is going. It sells heroes but is unhealthy long term. Old school 5 stars and nearly all 4 stars are getting significantly left behind in this accelerated power creep. Especially the slow ones. They’re borderline useless now.


The 450% is only for targets that is over 50% hp. So the damage you show is not always true.

Someone has maxed 2 of them already. lol not me.


Whoa! Seriously??? How they manage to do that??

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Like that.


Can we get him next month ?

Here’s the problem I have…

These season 2 and special event heroes carry roughly the same weight when being factored for war.

Heroes should have individual war weights seperate from their power.

Panther - Gravemaker - Guineverre - Zeline - Kage


Obakan - Elkanen - Khagan - Thorne - Vivica

and they’re going to count about the same for war? Completely stupid.


He will do up to 887 damage against Guin on offense (780 attack/778 defense), but mostly around 452, minimally 230, troops ignored.

Ignore the levels. Imagine the heroes and troops capped. Lets look at it from a defensive view.

Kage - Very fast mana and a top sniper
Mitsuko - Mana reduction like Guin (but only 3) and locks out Ice Specials for 4 turns
Inari - Locks out all specials for 3 turns or 56% for special to miss and summon a fox that gives 7% mana a turn.
Danzo - 1/3 chance of casting a 54% Blind that will stack with Inari’s special and a 1/3 chance of adding another 24% mana and 63% defense buff.
Ameonna - Untouchable for 4 turns and will hit for +82% with just normal attacks. Fast mana and she already hits like a 5*.

Ive been playing all day with this team and the mana gets stupid when it all goes off.

+15% mana boost from troops
+12% mana boost from family bonus
+24% mana boost from Danzo
+7-21% mana gain from Inari

You have a group that saps your mana, locks out your special attacks when you do have the mana and thats if you are not dead from the curb stomping tank that is going to stay full mana.

From an offense view

With only lvl 13 mana troop (+9%), Danzo buff (+24%) and one Inari minion, you can see how far Kage gets with just 3 tiles. Not 3 ghosted tiles…3 tile hits.


Im aware

20 characters

Now I’m afraid… very afraid

Yes, almost surely we will see Inari and Kageburado next month.


( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)


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