Thoughts on Kage, guys?

So what are your thoughts about Kage? I don’t know though. I feel like he is not at all impressive.

He inflicted double damage if the opponents health is more than 50 percent. Kinda funny. Its like saying I stab you twice if you are healthy, once if you are injured. Even after some consideration, Sartana in my humble opinion is better. At least we know she would fire 452 percent damage plus 294 damage for six turn. I’ll take Sartana any day.

Also, this attack and debuff thing; how actually the best strategy to use him? Let’s say we face an opponent with riposte, without debuffing the opponents first, Kage will still get serious damage in the end. Seems to me like the debuff special has no purpose (because this is what happened when I use Panther against a riposte).

Unless the way he fires his special is accordance to the description whereby he debuff first, then attack as opposed to Panther special: attack first, then debuff.

Your opinion guys?

Well he is very fast and deals 450% dmg on single + minor on splash (I assume the buffed dmg splashes as well). It looks like Gravemaker but with instant dmg to me.

EDIT: ok, apologies for stating the wrong percentage. The official Polish translation of this card literally says “deals 450% more damage if target has more that 50% hp”. I guess well done to the translator for making this HORRIBLE and very much misleading mistake!

So both attack added together, eh?

No, no way. That would be absolutely imbalanced, ridiculous and broken. Like a compound of Lianna+Rambo+Speedy Gonzalez.

Imo he is very good and very strong hero that actually needs some thinking and strategy that is awesome. Don’t forget that the very fast factor makes him incredibly useful, caz’ he needs only a lvl11 mana speed troop to be even more stronger, while a pure fast hero needs lvl29 from the same type of troop to win a tile.

In raids there’ll be always a hero that’ll have more than 50% hp, while against the most irritating tank, Guinevere with the help of Kage you’ll need only less stacking, what’s more! you don’t even want to stack too much, caz’ you only want to damage Guin a little bit to be able to finish her off. Thaat is a huuuge plus! :slight_smile:

I love Kage, he is great!

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PS: I love every character that kicks Guin’s pretty queeny ■■■!


He debuffs first before he hits. He looks great, very fast mana purple hitter I’d like one! My purple roster doesn’t have many hitters. For some reason SG decided dark should be a healing color.


Thanks for the responds all! Will definitely spent some money to get him x)

I would very much like to have him. Very fast sniper/debuffer = yes pls. Good for putting a good beating on any annoying hero tucked away in the back or that has been dodging your tiles.

He is a fast sniper.

He dispells the target first, and then hit for either 225% or 450% depending on health.

The way I understand it doesn’t stack to 675 so it’s fair.

Good for raids I’m sure

Check the odds…not great to get him.

What do you mean?? Post must be at least 20 characters

Excellent hero

Very fast mana
Hits hard and harder on healthy heroes
High tile damage

What’s there not to like

I believe you have a .2% chance of pulling him.

Well this was 5 minutes ago, lol


I want him for my purple team. A very fast sniper is always welcomed. Didn’t get him though. Have another Sartana to level up.

To be clear, the last two lines of the special are an either/or.

if (target.HP <= target.maxHP/2) then
Target.injure(hero.attack * 2.25)
Target.injure(hero.attack * 4.50)

A really important virtue of Kageburado is that the dispel happens first. This is very unusual. Notice that Panther attacks then debuffs.

The dispel-attack sequence makes Kageburado great against Guinevere, as it blows aside her Dark shield and heal, and then attacks.

A weakness of Kageburado is that the AI usually targets a low-HP foe, looking for the kill. Kageburado is best used on a hero that is just above 50% health, where he can deliver the killing blow.


So ut ia confirm that he will debuff first then attack?

Then the descrption is innacurate. It should be in the same line and explain the if clause. This may cause lot of anger in players because he will seen to not work properly.


I pulled 3 of him (I went all out this time).

He hits harder than Magni on heroes with more than 50% health and he is faster\sturdier than Magni. Plus the dispel.

But we have to look at the bigger picture.

When added to the full Sakura family he gets an additional 12% mana gain on top of troops. If Inari goes off…he will be a machine gun.

I have been saving for him for a while. I have his mats ready and I already have him in tier 3. His family is also ready to go. If it turns out that the 4*s are too weak to hold, I can always level a second Kage and have both flank my Guin.


Woe. Nice Post must be at least 20 characters

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