Thoughts on Elkanen

Pulled Elk and started leveling up, but then started noticing that even though his power is higher than Caed’s (who I’d be replacing), everything else about Caed is higher (attack, defense and health). Then there’s the specials. Used Elk a couple times and the health returned was roughly 200-250 hp combined.

Seemingly low special damage output, low return hp, and low overall stats.

Am I seeing this right?

I don’t think the power shown on the card is very accurate. It is common that the strength of the 5s compared to its comparable 4s lies in its potential to get to level 80 on last ascension and is otherwise only of similar strength or even weaker.

As comparison: I have Grimm and isarnia both on level 70. Isarnias power is 680 compared to Grimms 645 but her health and attack is lower and her defence similar. Her special is stronger but this is negated by her being slow where Grimm is average speed.

All in all, I can’t see that she is more powerful than Grimm at that level. Devs has more or less said they added a “rarity bonus” on the cards power. Details About the Team Power Change:


Elkanen is a better center hero than many other 5* who are not meant to “tank” the center. With good support on either side I can imagine how an Elkanen centered team could be somewhat successful on defense.

However he is weak compared to the other 5* centers or Li or Boldtusk, imo.


4* heroes are stronger at level 70 than 5*. 5* have more potential though because 80 extra levels.

I didn’t swap Caedmon for Lianna before Lianna was 80.


What line up would you use, with Elkanen in the center?

Three fast heroes in center: Marjana, Elkanen, Sartana.

However I think Elkanen’s real strength lies in buffers on either side who help keep him alive while he also heals himself… like a center that won’t die, for example…

Boldtusk, Elkanen, Vivica/Rigard. Of course if you have Vivica she could center tank too.

A full team playing with this strategy might be Isarnia, Boldtusk, Elkanen, Rigard, Justice. Problem with all of these is usually you have other center options with much more devastating specials. And how many players have this many Legendary heroes to choose from?


I only had Elkanen as my only real green option for a hitter (only been in game for 30 days now).

If I had a Lianna there’s no question which one is better, it’s probably not even close with the current game mechanics. That said I don’t know if the fact I’m still stuck on 2^ and SL 5 (I have received at least 5x of every other similar tier ascension item as sturdy shields).

Caedmon on the other hand at higher ranks is worth his weight in gold; fact is his offensive dispel is seriously helpful and there are times I’d rather have a fast hitter than the Sabina I just recently pulled. Elkanen isn’t awful but I don’t have any direct comparison but I abuse his fast mana hit all the time and in my recent cup adventure up to 2250 my raids were fantastically closer than where I normally farm and there the additional heals may well have been the difference between success and failure.

Jury is still out I guess; if I get a higher quality green before I get the requisite shields for 5^3 (let alone 5^4 which is more likely) I probably shelve him… but I’m not in a rush to level any other green hero at the moment.


So where did the jury land? He seems really bad in comparison to other heroes. The only thing he’s got going for himself is the high defense, but that’s really nothing if Thorne/Richard have more and deal way more damage.

Can I just say, “I don’t like him”? Not because of anything grossly out of whack; he just doesn’t appeal to me, and other heroes do. shrug

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I fed Elk to Caed. I’ve also pulled Groot so I’m working on them. Elk just isn’t appealing to me. Much like @Rook stated.


Uh, feed a 4* with a 5* sounds really a waste to me, even if he don’t “appeal” you.

But duh, ok. Your team, your choice

I’m not sure I’d feed away a 5*. But I have no plans to build that one. :smirk:

You shouldn’t feed 5* cards…especially since devs like to change cards around. Elk could possibly become even stronger and you’ll regret it


Please make him. I’ll not only have good 5* but I’ll also get to tease Jon endlessly in the Ally channel. That’s a win/win if I’ve ever seen one.

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Problem with Elkanen is he just doesn’t heal enough to justify the mediocre damage.

Richard is a far better card just from a utility perspective in almost every aspect of the game given the mechanics, and he hits substantially harder. Yeah average vs. fast but that doesn’t make up the difference.

Either the ~15% damage buff probably needed to be closer to ~90% to be worthwhile, or the heal percentage needed to be increased substantially (technically increased damage would increase healing too), or maybe they could’ve switched his minor damage to full damage on flanks vis a vis Kestrel / Panther though that might be a feature reserved for event heroes.

In any event I still think he needs further tweaking to be worthwhile spending shields let alone tonics on. I’d be happy to be proven wrong but I’m still not leveling him past 60.


This life stealing skill is absolutely worthless and such a waste of stats. It’s why his damage is so low (which, as Revelate noted, makes the healing weak too). That’s the same skill that Renfeld, a 3* purple has, and he too, is so very sub-par to heroes like Balthazar, Bane, Nashgar, etc.

While it’s fine for a 3* to have a garbage effect on his skill, on a 5* that requires such investment to level up and ascend it really sucks.

Maybe if he healed 100% of his damage dealt. Maybe. Though even then, I think he’d be a weak character since when healing is needed, healers are taken.

Now, how about if his heal actually affected the entire party? A fast attacker that heals the entire party for say, 25% (or whatever is reasonable, that’s a random number)? That could be something to consider and it would let him keep his identity as a damaging character with healing attached.

Perhaps it would also give a 5* alternative to Boldtusk. Instead of buffing attack, he’d deal damage and similarly heal the party.


Think of 5s as eating at a fancy restaurant usually out of your price range. So very delicious. A 1 is like eating at Waffle House. LOL

If he healed all, I would reconsider him. Maybe. If the percentage were high enough. :wink:

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Aye, same. Especially since there’s quite limited choice in 5* healers (meaning 1 hero, aside of those that are/will not be available very soon.

I know I’m biased here since it’s my idea but I do like that idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Elkanen is weak because he does damage to 3 targets. The damage per target is very low and hardy does a difference. Same is the problem with all 3 target hitters. Usually they at least leave a debuff, but elkanen instead heals a very small amount of health. making him inferior to many 4* heroes.

He could be a decent tank if the heal was a bit stronger as he has a high defense stat and the healing would keep him alive.