Thoughts on changing the Atlantis Rises schedule and shortening the duration [Schedule has been UPDATED]

Agreed but think they did it to run in between trials

Personally it’s easier for me to auto farm at work v. when I’m at home with three kids.

But you’re probably right for the vast majority of players

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Bah, I don’t like it

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I definitely have cut way back on my spending. Atlantis was the only time I spent money. $50 more in my pocket now

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That’s why they changed it to Thur-Sat, after reducing it a day.
They don’t want people to take advantage of it.

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Agreed. I barely do any farming on weekends with the kiddos/family committments. At work I can just keep autoplaying while I type away on the keyboard.

But, probably the minority here.

OK, I don’t want to be “that guy”, but seeing consecutive rare quests drop on class trial days makes it a little harder for me to accept that SGG is terribly concerned about important events overlapping. If they are, it would be awfully easy to make rare quests drop every Tuesday (since they spawn about every 7-10 days anyway) and make sure there isn’t a conflict with much of anything.


Quests, rare or not, have always been “mostly random”. (I know they’ve tweaked it a bit, when the random was quite unreasonable.)

Events are a different ballgame.

I do understand that, but if SGG really doesn’t want the overlap, shouldn’t they take the random out and make sure rare quests don’t overlap events and such, as much as is possible? I know they love the randomness in this game, but as you said, with events and such, they’ve already given us a predictable schedule. Why not rare quests?

They do ensure they don’t overlap with Challenge Events, at a minimum.

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Yes, that much is good, at least.

I would very much prefer 4 days of Atlantis and 3 days Challenge events.



Atlantis Rising
+ Omnia Harvester ( latest beta- Iron, Item rolls, Food and recruits increased from maps until relic expires )
+ Iron Harvester ( iron increased from maps until relic expires. do harvesters stack? )
will SERIOUSLY boost loot.

Currently harvester relics last 24 hours (1x Iron, 2x Omnia ), if kept, will easily offset reduction of Atlantis Rising and give a huge boost to monthly farming.


Depending on cost of Valor Pass ( think Battle Pass ) will make game more Pay 2 Win.

Hopefully some way to get Omnia Harvester with in game currency instead of hard currency purchase.

Beta Beat is up now:

I spend zero now, even stopped V.I.P. games still sorta fun but there are better things to spend my time and money on.

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they should keep atlantis to 4 days even if after costume quests are up again
or they should reduce the duration for monthly events, we dont need 5 days, its way too long, always money money money for small giants

its time to think about what players want, let us farm in atlantis !!


I heard that loot will be reduced after the new year? does anyone know anything more about it?

If by loot, you mean the duration, that is true. This is planned for December and January but all can change.

Otherwise, all should be as is.


Let’s, perform necromancy on this thread, and bring it back to the fore.

Absolutely this!


My alliance mates were talking about whether SG could extend Atlantis Rising, and reduce the time of Tavern of Legends. I’m sure you’d find, most players are active most during AR, dropping WE flasks, ploughing through loot tickets and pulling more at the summons gate - love those seadragons :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I can’t say player activity increases during ToL to the same extent. Well, I can only speak for my alliance.


With reduced time, we get less loot from atlantis so works into SG interest…

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Perhaps. But AR over four days rather than three, benefits the players and potentially SG with more potential pulls at the summons gate and more opportunities to offer AR deals :woman_shrugging:.