Thoughts on changing the Atlantis Rises schedule and shortening the duration [Schedule has been UPDATED]

Switching it from a start on friday to a start on Thursday doesnt change my opinion.

Shortening Atlantis rises sucks.



To be polite: I consider this a really bad idea.

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Oh yeah, tell me about it. I mean it took me all 4 of those days to finally beat Cthulus Mistress. Trying different formulas and such.

What increased loot? Are you high? LOL

I don’t get where this idea that there was this super gamer age in E&P where at one time we all saw this waterfall of loot, key ascension items, epic, and legendary heroes, is all coming from. I have been playing this game since the day it came out like 3 years ago yet somehow I seem to have missed the E&P utopian caravan on my way to Maxing out my Training Camps to level 20 where still I have yet to ever see a yellow 5 star hero.

Hey noobies, don’t believe the myths of the great days of old. It’s a complete fantasy; except for that ONE time where a developer came up with this genius of an idea to attract non-paying players to actually spend a few bucks. One time only, players who never spent a dime on the game were given a special deal: In the next 24hrs and for $5 you would get 10,000 gems and 8 legendary hero summons tokens.
Players who completely sunk their months rent into this game lost their minds that they were totally excluded from the deal. The developer who did this tried to explain the purpose of the deal and they got completely flamed on this forum.
A deal like this never ever happened again. In this game. Ever.
After having that deal a loser team I had for months finally got three 5 star heroes. I blew 8 Legendary tokens and nearly 10,000 gems to get only three 5 star heroes and and a hand full of 4 star heroes to help get rid of my 3 stars.

The point of the story is that no matter how many materials or loot you get, this game is based on a slot machine model. All of that crap you get is great to move you along enough to enjoy your experience here in E&P but no amount of loot is in no way guaranteeing you regular drops of the best heroes in the Empire and the core final tier ascension items needed to complete those heroes.

It’s safe to say that when developers claim that they need to slow some stuff down because they believe that players are leveling too fast, I believe that is total nonsense. I guess if you’re only paying attention to your top 10 players on the leaderboards but again, they are just rich and got very lucky. Mostly slot machine luck.


@Petri thanks for the update. Couldn’t the event end at the end of Saturday? Say reduce it 12 hours instead of a full 24? That way people could play all through Saturday at least? I know I’ve spent many a Sat. night finishing up summons and all before heading to bed.

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I don’t really get the rest of your rant, sorry. All I know is that you sound quite bitter about a game you have been playing for more than two years imho.


Any idea if the next rare quest (Shiloh) will come out before or after Atlantis this month? That’s a huge sink of World Energy, and with Atlantis sitting between two Trials, that’s five straight days of special content (which is great!) Just wondering since Farholme just came out, which would put Shiloh right in the middle of that stretch.


Lol i don’t bother with Atlantis or the tournaments.

I don’t do the tournaments either, but Atlantis Rising is a good source for loot.

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I expected this Farholme for next weekend… So I guess they decided to bring it forward and then have Shiloh before Atlantis Rising… probably Tuesday next week…

Of course SG are reducing one of the best parts of the game. If they continue in this way they will lose all of their most active players as they are taking the fun out of it. Most of the players love a challenge but would like to win occasionally

[quote=“Expired, post:1, topic:130601, full:true”]
so it was just released that Atlantis will start on Fridays instead of Thursdays like used to be and will last only 3 days

honestly i think its bad idea to shorten something and reducing it time as well
at least if they want to change the time why not make it start on Thursday and end on Saturday because Sunday there is Trails and we could manage our world energy better



A good solution for this overlap problem (if that really is a problem) would be to run Atlantis Rises for two days twice a month. That gets you back to 4 days total with presumably no overlaps. It would have the added advantage of cycling through featured HOTMs and Atlantis heroes faster. That’s not a huge deal for the Atlantis heroes because there are only 10 of them, but there are more HOTMs now than you can get through in a year, and the list is only growing.


I actually expected some decent loot from falhome pass. silly me…

Loot is always the same

Gloves+Tome or
Compass+D Blade

So what else can be expected?


Well… This looks a lot to me like… Shoot them with a change of schedule, while they are chewing on that… They will make less noise over shortening of duration.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any pertinent reason nor any good reason for that matter that strongly warrant changes to this AR, The roulette approach described by @Rigs sounds more pertinent and again I kept asking myself…Why are we fixing it when it wasn’t broken?

Meanwhile some broken stuff out there are begging for attention…

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That’s too funny!
SG Meeting:
“One 5* Hero every 28 pulls is just too often. Many of the players are saying we might be ripping them off. We need to let it be known for certain… WE ARE RIPPING THEM OFF!”

I missed the community meeting on this that decided on what the community wants. Can SG hold another townhall? :blush::crazy_face:

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It’s because of greed. They don’t give a ■■■■ about the players, just their money. As all the heroes in Atlantis are basically already sold over and over again, they need new ways to milk us. So they do new events with new heroes to keep you fixed.
Also: why give players a chance to get materials at a reduced cost. That would be beneficial to them. SG doesn’t want that.
SG’s motto: Dear players, you suck and we hate you. Don’t forget to buy diamonds.

So, it is settled, hum? It will begin next Thursday morning and finish Saturday night? How evil… They planned this very carefully. Not only the amount of sold flasks will increase. Demand for loot tickets too. They are very smart, I give them that. Evil smart…

We can complain about this as much as we want to but inevitably we cannot change the decisions made. No matter how many complaints, any changes that have been put in place will be implemented no matter the implications to the gamers.

I completed both seasons in Atlantis, i don’t know what more there is for me to do apart from using the new “opening” as a means to get recruits and material.

If they were releasing a new season and we giving away a better chance for getting actual decent 4* or 5* heroes and completely put a stop to pulling the same heroes over and over, maybe i would be excited about Atlantis.

The novelty has worn off for me.

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