Thoughts on changing the Atlantis Rises schedule and shortening the duration [Schedule has been UPDATED]

Yeah… that hurts me… right in the pants… :frowning: especially now that I have a couple of 5*s to level up… missing out on those extra 2 stars is really going to suck.

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I do need to sleep at some point. Can’t do it at work. Lol :grin:


Sleep? Never heard of such a thing lol


I’m sure it will

Are you f2p?

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Nope. I spent a decent amount at first, but the last few months I’ve gotten by relatively cheap actually! I got the last 3 HOTMs on EHTs :o

I should have said - “now that I have a few 5 stars at 4th ascension level” actually… so I was really looking forward to the boost from AR this month…

I guess I did get a bunch of WE refills through Avalon… so that helps.


Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback! I understand this change was disappointing to many players. Based on the community feedback, we have decided to make one further change: each Atlantis Event will now start already on Thursday and end on Saturday. I hope this change will help to manage your World Energy!


It will be exactly 24 hours shorter, otherwise there is no change to the duration itself. I hope this helps!


Thank you for taking our concerns into consideration and changing the times of Atlantis
one more request if possible please
could you also add this point

  • Rare Quests are now less likely to overlap with Challenge Events

same from 1.8 release notes

Thank you,

no, no, no, no!!! infinite no to this

Well as I am working on workdays (whats in a name!) this means less time for me to spend. Weekend I tend to have more free time to do all my things but with one less day there is one day less of possible spending on AR for me.
Seems to be a good change (for my bankaccount at least).


Yea idk why players wanted it to take place in the work week


One less day :crying_cat_face:
It sounds really bad because I usually play a lot on sundays.

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I think its hilarious that moving the start day is translated into “listening to player feedback” There were a few complaints about when it started/finished BUT how many other complaints have there been about far more relevant things?


It they are going to stick to making it only 3 days then at least consider starting it on Friday and running through Sunday. This way we get to play the weekend. Of course I imagine this is why it was cut. Thursday is a weekday and less people play compared to the weekend days of Sat/Sun. This way the cost people tons of recruits into TCs plus xp and mats to replenish. I was using that to fill my TC20 to run each month. I had been running 3 of them but am now down to 2. I would still like to have the extra days though as I could jam them full and with the event I got about 16 WE flasks from completing all tiers plus the rewards. I was hoping to burn through them in Atlantis. The weekend days are when I get much of my heavy farming done since I can go at it uninterrupted unlike during the week where it might only be hour here and there during the day. Please consider changing it back to 4 days and if you must keep it at 3 let it run from Friday to Sunday. I can’t see how it is a problem since they just ran AW plus raid tournament plus the new event which was Avalon with heavy play plus new event heroes also adding more play and there wasn’t a crash to my knowledge so I can’t understand this other than it being another nerf.I wish they would at least be more transparent in their statements with the comunity who truly loves them yet it seems that time and again SG continues to sh*t on us.


Maybe hiding from boss on toilet using a lot of loot-tokens :man_shrugging:?

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Agreed! You will have my vote, too! This is a fantastic idea!

Has anybody feedbacked to start the event on thursday? I can only find the word thursday on 2 posts in this whole topic before Petri’s statement.

I don’t think that’s the community voice.

Evenfurther if we were to make a poll, I would bet that starting on Friday and finishing on Sunday would be the winner option for the new 3-day-long AR

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Do you really think they care? Besides, the hypocrisy is really high among the people. Everyone is against this shortening of AR, but the likes of Petri post are growing and growing…


Thursday and end on Saturday

I still want my 4 days of loot grinding :frowning:

At least this won’t be overlapping with the Sunday trials, so I’m more okay with that myself. I say that gritting my teeth…

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Regarding the work week thing: I guess it’s relative to everyone’s schedules, and no solution will be perfect for everybody (except bringing back the 4 days schedule… but they seem pretty set on shortening it).

Funny enough this works better for me, as I find I’m out and about more during weekends and have far less time to actually play than I do during workweeks.


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