Thoughts on changing the Atlantis Rises schedule and shortening the duration [Schedule has been UPDATED]

so it was just released that Atlantis will start on Fridays instead of Thursdays like used to be and will last only 3 days

honestly i think its bad idea to shorten something and reducing it time as well
at least if they want to change the time why not make it start on Thursday and end on Saturday because Sunday there is Trails and we could manage our world energy better



Pity… Atlantis was probably the best thing going on right now in the entire game… for a brief time, each month, players had a chance to replenish their depleted resources stockpiles… Now it’s 25% down… Not cool SG… Of course, we are fed some horse s…t about it being related to the extended period of the challenge events… I’d be curious to hear how exactly a 4 day event and a 4 day Atlantis are unable to fit in the 30 days of a month…


one of them is in the middle of the month and the other is at the end of the month it strange that they did that

if season 3 is announced and almost here i understand cutting the time but now its just strange specially that Atlantis raising have been only for few months


SG nerfs everything good.


20char of THISSSSSSS


Next they will cut all odds of getting a 5* by 1%…due to to many people getting good pulls


How disappointing. :frowning:


Hopefully its new levels and not just a continuation of replaying the same levels?


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I myself am not understanding this change. Why does extending the challenge event or any other new features have to affect the length of Atlantis rises?

Very annoying nerf, imo.


Lmao, i was expecting this.


They could at least explain what new features because right now It sounds like a loot nerf. Events and Atlantis rises never overlap. Honestly dissapointed in SG for nerfing one of the best features this game has.


Many thanks SG! Especially from everyone who can’t play at full swing over the weekend :+1:


And also, why does SG throws news like those in a closed thread? Are they afraid of negative feedback or they just don’t wanna listen to players’ complaints? Might as well add those questions to that AMA thread :expressionless:


In another thread I asked to check balance WE and duration/availability of events.
This is not what I had in mind…

And I agree that it would be nice to explain to users why the decrease of 25% is being made. I was happy that it lasted 4 days as normal working man I can’t be online those 4 days. Now you HAVE to be online the remaining 3 to make something out of it.



Is this your fault?


Thursday to Saturday would definitely make more sense. I agree with others, this event was the only thing that eliminated my painfully dull grind for resources the entire rest of the month. It enhanced the game so I don’t understand the nerf. Guess I gotta finish those Advanced Houses now…


Why on earth would they do this?
Atlantis rising has been the best thing to be introduced to this game
in a long time.
On a post about the alchemy lab I posted that I (and probably) many others wouldn’t use the lower levels as I could just farm Atlantis rising.
I think 4* crafting materials have a gem cost if you use the lab to try and get them.
This leads me to believe that it’s another money grab to lessen our ability to obtain for free things that they want to charge us for.
I’m using more 4* crafting materials to make battle items to compete for a decent rank in the event because there’s better loot. Before I’d just complete them and make sure I was in line to get the 6 extra world energy flasks.
So they’ve created another reason to obtain good crafting materials, lessened our ability to obtain them for free and introduced another way to pay for them and then tell us a reason that doesn’t make logical sense. An event that finishes 10 days before, impacts Atlantis Rising but raid tournaments, wars and emblem quests don’t?
I’m sorry Small Giant but you’re standing next to me, my pocket’s getting wet and you’re telling me its raining when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.
Let’s wait for the “in preparation for the coming season 3, atlantis rising will no longer happen”.


I could understand if Challenge event awarded iron, and food, but it does not.

So many recruits, swords, PXP and 1* / 2* heroes , from Rare Stage 3 but zero iron and zero food.