Thoughts on Ares?

I managed to pull him when I was trying to woo my longed after Sartana. She is playing hard to get at the moment, but one can always hope…

Anyhoo Ares: Super tanky, and the special is interesting. He looks like a transformer in steroids, plus he has a tiny little pinhead, so that’s kind of awesome. I’m trying to think about where he might be most useful, and whether he is wow! good, decent, or meh.

It seems a little fussy using him on an attack team. waiting until the heroes on either side have their specials up means, well, waiting. i guess it isn’t that different than bloodtusk, although B’s special can benefit anyone whose special is up.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts upon looking at his card?

Thanks in advance!

As a tank better than Boldtusk, on attack I would not use him.

Having Vivica as a tank and maxed out I don’t see a personal use for him, except maybe on titan team, with bold and gormek/grimm/athena.

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Pulled Ares last night. The other red that I have is Gormek. I would like to see what you guys think about Ares vs Gormek. Gormek is waiting for the last Ascension. Waiting for the last hidden blade.

Until you have the last blade, you might as well upgrade Ares and see how the two compare BEFORE doing the final ascension.

I’m curious how the two will perform vs Titans and vs Raids…

Yes I will denifinitely do that. Will post my results here.

Well it is hard to compare Gormek and Ares, because they serve a different function. You need to compare your healer to Ares.

Gormek is great on attack. Especially on titans. It takes down the defense and lets you nuke down targets faster, or do more titan damage. He has huge health so he can survive long in raids.

While the strength of Ares in defense, in the middle. Get him to 80 and he will have huge defense and health. Average speed and will heal both him and the 2 others by a great amount, much more than Boldtusk. So he is a great tank.

My ally used him on titan and said it wasn’t very good. The main reason is that specials can’t crit, so the increased crit chance isn’t as strong as it sounds.

I haven’t rolled him myself, so can’t speak for personal experience. This is just my analyze on the numbers.

But it is a good idea to wait with ascension, test out how he works in your setup and then decide what to ascend.


That was my thought. The other heroes I have are Sabina, Tiburtus; Grimm, Sonya; Wu Kong; Caedmon. So Gormek is kind of redundant. Tib and Grimm do the same thing. Right now I am inclining towards Wu | Grimm | Ares | Caed | Tib. This is for my Titan and Raid team. Haven’t started building my Defense yet.

My thoughts on Ares…He is STRONG! I have 3, 5* heroes and 2, 4* heroes on my raid team. I think my team power is just short of 3,000. Anyways I just played a raid match against a team of only 3 heroes (Ares being front and center), team power 1400 or something and got my butt kicked! You can’t take Ares down, nor can you take down any heroes on his team unless you’re lucky. The heroes hide behind him and take no damage…Plus when they do get hit with any damage Ares recharges them. He stayed at full health pretty much the entire match. I was only able to take down one of his three star heroes. With him on your team front and center there’s no stopping you. In my opinion anyways. Hope that helps.

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Totally not related to performance, but…anyone else think the Ares picture doesn’t at all fit the historical character? He looks like a robot. I would picture Ares as a grisly old dude with a scarred face in a Spartan type helmet. The artwork looks great and the quality of all of it is superb, it just doesn’t look right to me.

You are a very pretty woman, but thats not tinder.

(Btw, yes Ares is one of the ‘must have’ heroes)

I’m not fond Ares’ design at all; I would’ve much preferred more traditional lines like you suggested, either Greek or Roman…or even a slightly more modern update. But the over-armoured look of this incarnation, a mix of mutant Sentinels and Pacific Rim, is just…eh?

Personally (on the opposite) i really like that SG don’t use the same cliché concepts for make “famous” heroes.

Optimous Ares is probably not my favorite either, but i apreciate the general idea to make something different.

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When Ares first came up in raids against me, I just ran and skipped any fight against a team with Ares. Lately I started to try to bring along two or maybe three blue heroes (Kiril, Grimm, and sometimes Isarnia, after she became strong enough to survive for a while)

Of course a lot of things have to come together: Enough blue on the board, the rest of the opponents team (I like a second red very much :wink: ) You better bring someone to debuff (Caedmon/Sabina) in case Ares goes of before you can kill him. And at tier4/80 he is strong, but there are quite a few out there, that are not leveled so high :sunglasses:.

Depending on the rest of the opponents team, I started to like attacking :crossed_swords: him especially as a tank.

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