Thoughts on Alberich and other 5 Star green heroes

Continuing the discussion from Thoughts on Elkanen:

Curious to see community opinions on top green 5* heroes and current hero of the month. What do people like, don’t like, and want to see in the future?

I myself have a dilemma now:

I have enough items to ascend one 5* green to tier 3. I have 3x 5* green heroes. The choices are:

A) Elkanen (Fast) - lvl 8 special already, deal 270% to single hero and minor to nearby and gain minimal back. Stats defense loaded (473/550 at tier 2 60)

B) Lady Locke (average) - lvl 5 special, constant damage to 3 enemies starting low and ending high over 6 turns AND cure status aliments all allies (trouble is, if you restart, it will reset damage from low and it is not additive) (563/462 at tier 2 60)

C) Alberich (slow) - lvl 5 special, all allies regenerate some 110HP for 4 turns, recover some mana and 4 turns and 33% chance of other hero resurrection ( 508/519 at tier 2 60)

Which one would you take to tier 3 and why?

I have Alberich myself and he’s handy for world map and the harder event missions. After that i dont see much use for him. Other two sadly are pretty trashy. You said thier faults themselves. They are really obvious as just niche heroes.

Sadly to say, i wouldnt ascend any of them. Out of all the greens out there, only Lianna is worth ascending

IF i had to pick, it would be Alberich just because of stats.

Why did you start a new thread on the same topic? I’m confused here… :wink:

Rookie mistake. I did not see the other thread on Alberich :sunglasses:

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depends on your whole team. if you are missing a healer then go for Alberich. my main thing is to always have 2 healers or even 3.

I agree with Resol. My best success (even so in raids) has been with a 3-healer team (BT, Melendor and Viv) and 2 heavy hitters (Sartana - Magni).

LOL at necro-ing 7 month threads…

It’s because they appear in the ‘recommended’ on the bottom of every thread that seems related. That’s why necromancy is so prevalent with this forum system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Imagine if anyone asked wether to ascend albi Locke or elk and someone said neither

Also I laughed when a dude said albi is only useful for quests

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This is really comical to see. Remember when everyone thought Ares was bad too?

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