Thoughts on a defence team without a healer?

So I’ve finally maxed my Jabberwock and so of course I want to put him on my defence team but I’m not sure who to replace. Currently I’m running Rigard, Jean-Francois, Atomos, Master Lepus, Musashi.

I think it’s a choice between Rigard (my healer) and Musashi and I’m actually leaning towards Rigard but that would mean I’d be running a defence team without a healer, however I’ve had a fair bit of experience where I’ve fought teams with Telluria tanks, killing her before she goes off, then still losing because of the heavy damage dealers.

What does everyone think, is running a healer-less defence team an absolute no no or are healers overrated sometimes or is there another option I haven’t considered?

NB: Rigard is vanilla as his costume has thus far eluded me but talents are maxed and I have no 5* healers.

Keep Rigard. If not for healing, for the cleanse. Once you get the costume, a maxed c.Rigard is pretty much 5* healer.

Just replace Musashi on right wing, where the wocky usually shows up. Lepus and JF are better heroes than Musashi and Atomos as your tank means you must be running green tanks in your alliance and he’s your best option. Not that he’s a bad option.

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Musashi - Jean Francois - Atomos - Master Lepus - Jabberwock.

You don’t healer when all your defending heroes are killers.


Absolutely get Jabberwock in there for Rigard. The wing spot is the worst spot for a healer, outside of revive heroes, and Jabber is one of the best couple of dark wings out there.

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In my honest opinion, I would take out Rigard and swap in Jabberwock.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


I’d replace Rigard with Jabber and see for a few days how it goes without that healer. Jabber is an intimidating hero on defence. The attacker will try to avoid setting off Jabber and will therefore try to dump tiles into JF instead, the least intimidating one in this crowd, so Jabber next to JF will increase the risk to set Jabber earlier off.

So I’d go with this: Jabber, JF, Atomos, Lepus and Musashi. Teams without healers aren’t to be underestimated when they include heroes you really want to avoid setting off.


Healer free raid defs can be nice.

On wars I always put one or two in, since a corner healer could annoy there and for better chances to lose less points.

Because the majority of my alliance are still running 4* teams we’re actually running red tanks as a lot of them had an emblem’d up Boldtusk or Wilbur. I just swap JF and Atomos for wars but prefer this set-up as my raid defence. Since getting buffed Atomos is definitely a much more viable tank and currently my best choice. I haven’t been very lucky pulling tanks lol.

As for Rigard I certainly agree that he’s a great healer and his stats are actually on par with the others but is a cleanser that important on defence when there’s no control over it. Any competent attacker is going to notice he’s about to fire and then hold off firing any status ailments until afterwards.

I’d swap out Musashi for Jabs. I love attacking no healer teams, because most of the time I can outlast them because my Mother North revives my fallen heroes and she herself rarely dies due to her high def and health.

I start picking off the threats one at a time, and whenever a hero of mine dies I resurrect them most of the time, so I can easily wither their health down. Only real bad boards kill me.

However, due to how rare MN is I think you can swap out Rigard. But still me personally would do away with Musashi.

In that same respect though would I not be better off trying to run a team that’s got a better chance of killing MN? I don’t understand how having Rigard would help me in that situation.

Yes but Jabs fits that role of putting MN at risk. If I face teams without healers the biggest threat for me is Jabs.

Well you don’t have to put MN on your wing when you’re attacking so that would negate Jabber’s attack. Therefore I still think Musashi is a better choice than Rigard in this situation. I don’t know really wish I could watch my defence team in action.

But placing MN elsewhere makes her more susceptible to AoE hitters, so it still gives me a harder time.

Also this is just my personal experience, I’d just advice to try stuff out and see how it performs. I also would wish for a replay feature to see the attacks on my def team but alas… we will have to do with what we have.

Good luck!

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I agree with the above posts, just wanted to add - do not put healers in your defense. They are for attack. I welcome healers in defense teams, fewer heroes to worry about.

Your defense needs to be aggressive IMHO.

Rigard is, as so often mentioned, priceless. But he’s wasted in a defense team I believe.


Once upon a time Rigard was my only viable option as defence tank and he did ok just about keeping me in platinum. But as soon as I got a proper tank (Black Knight :heart_eyes: ) Rigard was gratefully retired, and the team found a new natural position in low diamond. No healing required. Nowadays Telluria has the tank spot and of course she does heal a bit, not what you could call a healer though.

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Yeah that was my thoughts really, she heals, but she isn’t really a healer as such as it would never bring back your team from the brink of death. I did look through the top 100 players earlier and once you get past the 90 that have Tell tanks and the other 5 who have Heimdell there is indeed a few teams that are healer-less but still have monster teams so I think losing Rigard is the right move.

Thank you everyone for your advice!!! :grinning:

Currently I’m using
Seshat+11 crit10
Marjana+11 crit10
Atomos+12 mana17
Richard+11 mana20
Leo+9 crit10
and I’m very happy with it. Seshat replaced my Kunchen (on 2) and I moved Marjana from 1 to 2.