Thoughts/Inputs on the NEW UPDATE reflecting HEROS/TROOPS


What do you think of the new update reflecting and notifying players of the newly acquired Heros and Troops?

Personally, i do not think that this was needed and I find it kind of annoying; as i use these notifications for other things that is not to my knowledge (i.e. gems, achievements, mail…)

Your thoughts…

Pissing me off

I actually logged onto the forums to express this sentiment.

It is so annoying. I am constantly getting new one and two star heroes… I don’t care!!! I’ve already had to click through receiving heroes and troops when I train them or find them in a map level… so why would I need a notification bubble bothering me about it again???


There’s also a notification for new materials which also bothers me.

I have stuff. I know I have stuff. I probably already had to click through it.

It bothers me that the coders could have spent time on some more useful changes/fixes and yet they waste their time on something useless like this.


I’m of the same opinion as you, guys.

If anything, I would’ve liked that when training heroes, the list scrolls to the first hero I can use for training. I have a list of 35 favorites and I have to scroll to the bottom to find the 1*s and 2*s for training.


I guess it is intended to confirm the heroes we have summon through the gate (many says that they don’t receive the heroes) and to avoid once more to eat for mistake new heroes.

So i don’t mind a little number.


But it’s so darn red like it’s something important! I’m compelled to click on it just so it goes away. :slight_smile: At least make it cyan or something less conspicuous. And then maybe make it red when the number of heroes gets close to the maximum cap, as a warning.


Dont have very strong feelings about it (yet), but id be in favour of Some kind of option in settings to toggle it off. This would ideally also include those notifications about new normal deals in the store which i’ll never buy.


Personally im not bothered at all by this counter, but this insignificant stuff was added but still no additional team slots added, that’s sad…


It’s a waste of valuable resources when other improvements could have been made. It is annoying. I don’t want to see that I have a new hero I just claimed. It’s more of a click fest now for every small minor thing.


Overall, it’s fine since when you get new heroes, you are going to click the hero interface to feed them to the heroes you want to train anyway.

However, I can also understand why some people find it annoying since it tempts you to click to resolve the popup.


Very annoying. Will take few days of hard training to start ignoring it. I may start to ignore other notifications in the process.


Ahhhh, I just now saw that LOL… that ■■■■ notification just tempts you into thinking you received something cool, but in reality its something you already know you have. Maybe an option to turn OFF/ON that notification; or work on other gameing aspects, like a trade/sell system for other users GEMS (yes i know its in consideration and have read the threads on the Devs thoughts on it; wishfull hoping :wink: LMAO)


The only thing the bubble has helped me with so far is when I am hoarding trainer heroes and I get a new one, makes it easier to find so I can click the little favorite button…only use I have for it so far


I would prefer the “NEW” bubble stayed on heroes (it may even be timed so people who think they didn’t get a hero can’t accidentally open/close the tab and not find him) but that the red notifications went away. I feel compelled to click anything red like that and it’s getting tiresome :smiley:

I was already clicking the store every time something new appeared there even though I’ve no interest in bundles haha.


I would like a toggle too.

Most of the red notifications previously I have just auto clicked on… sometimes I find myself repeating that behavior with the new notification icons which to other people’s points is absolutely irritating; also, I agree that it wasn’t really necessary.

That said I expect I will train myself out of it in this game (which I maybe should do elsewhere in my life too, stupid phone!) and it won’t be an issue at that point.


I think the purpose of the “NEW” notification was to keep folk from accidentally eating (or not being able to find) new heroes.

I have come across soooo many posts stating that a hero has gone missing, so I personally like this change.

I do understand the request for a toggle though. I’d prefer a toggle to a color change.


I don’t think anyone minds the NEW tag to help people find their stuff. Just remove/toggle the red notification that something new is there. I don’t think color change will help that, if blue means there’s stuff I gotta click to make the blue go back to normal I’m gonna be compelled to click it all the same :stuck_out_tongue:


I would prefer if the heroes available for training were at the top, followed by your team heroes, followed by your favorite heroes. I keep buying roster slots and my roster keeps getting longer. :grin:


I would prefer two colors.
Red for a unique new hero. Example: Your very first Layla.
Blue for a non-unique new hero. Example: Your 65th Layla when you have fed the previous 64 to Tyrum.

I am getting really tired of running out of materials for Arrows, only to get more and the red 1 to show up.

My wife would prefer the toggle.


Totally agree with you. The new noticification on new hero’s and new troops are not needed and unnecessary. You already know that you have got new hero’s so what is the point in telling us again.