Thoughts go out to the people of Wuhan and Hubei province

Meanwhile the US is mulling halting all flights between the US and China.

So much for moderate action.


Flights? perhaps… that’s huge :thinking:.


Fights should be halted too :open_mouth:


Not E and P fights though… Unless it’s disrupting the quarantine somehow!


Hey so what are the implications of the WHO declaring a global health emergency?

Can I not go to work? Half joke…

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I’m expecting to see some updates on that in the next 24 hours, as various countries and companies react accordingly.

It’s sort of an unprecedented situation, though, so I don’t really know what we should expect.

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I am also a Chinese-Canadian, I just came back from China mid last month (Dec 16th), and I have been following this closely.

You guys don’t need to worry for now, especially if you’re young (like 10-60) and healthy. Even an old 78 year old grandpa in Wuhan who has many other health conditions managed to make a recovery.

That said, right now all over China people are staying indoors. Literally the busiest street in my homecity (Tianjin, one of the largest and most important cities in China) is completely deserted, despite there only being like 20 cases there. All of my friends around China are becoming shut-ins lol.

But anyway, yeah, no need to worry for now, just wash your hands properly and maybe buy a bag of rice or something just in case.


I’m not personally worried about the risk of infection, just the outcome of tens of millions of people being quarantined, and potential global actions.


Im not very certian about the legitimacy of the claims but a Chinese youtuber has gone missing after posting images and videos of what is going on. Death toll is up to 900, I hope they find a way to slow the spead over there, especially since it seems like medical care is in short supply.


Headlines are saying it’s only the tip of the iceberg!


Alarming that Italy, Iran and S Korea are making it into the daily news these past few days


Scott Morrison (Australian PM) just announced a coronavirus emergency plan, and basically, almost, called it a pandemic


I’m new here. Is there a certain etiquette on politics?


None that I am aware of apart from no profanities or derailing threads by going off topic

Welcome btw!

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Interesting that your first post is in this thread :thinking:.
Nevertheless, welcome to the forum :thumbsup:


Sorry OP, back to normal viewing.

We’ve had two suspected reports of the virus in NZ :cry:


Welcome to the Forum!

Generally speaking, politics are off-topic for the Forum, as all topics are required to be related to E&P.

However, it can sometimes be relevant when discussing topics that touch on politics and E&P, e.g.:

  • Player access to E&P in countries with Internet restrictions, or government censorship
  • Taxes on in-app purchases
  • Loot box legislation
  • Government response to crises affecting the community (like this one, or as another example: New Zealand- Shock, struggling, help ( link ))

In cases like those, the politics shouldn’t be the focus, but can come up in discussion while presenting viewpoints.

When that’s relevant, it’s useful to remember that the Forum has a diverse global audience, and political views are quite varied. So it’s helpful to not wade too deeply into politics, nor presume that fellow posters share your political framework.

I think of it as being similar to how most people would approach a discussion like that in a group of strangers at a party — a light touch is best, and detailed conversations are best had between individuals outside the public/group realm.

Beyond that, just be mindful of the Forum Rules, most importantly maintaining civil discourse.

If you’re ever unsure or have questions, just tag one of the moderators, or flag a post. :slightly_smiling_face:


So I don’t know about you guys but I think many govts are sleeping and not taking this seriously

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I think they are getting a wake up call now!

Considering how pretty much every country is now impacted by coronavirus, perhaps this thread should be merged to the new one

I’ll flag a mod

Please continue the discussion on the thread suggested by @princess1 :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

How is Coronavirus impacting you


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