Thoughts about Ariel and mana generation

First I ask admins why move my posts to main post of hero? I mean you do it for me but usually when u move it I did not get any answer anymore.
About question, how about Ariel? I think she is great and I have 6 scope and I gave 6 to Krampus already. I have Isarnia and Richard blue hero, I have enough defensive and healer so I think I should keep scope for blue sniper but if needs to give to Ariel let me know.
And about 24% mana generation, if it activates with troop 9% mana it will be 33% total so does it means slow hero charge with 9 tile?
And last question if I use Brynhird and Areil and both fires their skill add and there is 48% mana generation or not?

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