Thoughts about Alberich

I see very useful skills on this hero (health, mana and… RESURRECTION !) but i guess his slow mana and low health make him a perfect first target :smile:

I guess he will be annoying in raids as defence, also useful for rare challenging quests if you don’t have other 5* to support the boss fights (some of those can be pretty rough). His attack is pretty high when fully ascended, so coupled with an attack boosting hero the regular attack might become powerful there too.

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I’m curious to see how he does against the Dark Lord, should be pretty effective.

Sabina and revival scrolls are better and cheaper

I did not know, that you can use revival scrolls during raids.

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You can’t use any items during Raid:

Well … seems that you are not familiar with irony. :wink: I know that you cannot use items during raids; it was just a reaction on stlouis’ opinion, that Alberich is as good as Sabina with revival scrolls.

Irony! gah! Got me again! :rofl:


you dont need the scrolls in raids. the raids are controlled put up a weak defense team. pick and choose opponents.
only value of raids is the chest. even if that was the case how much food, items and heros do you need to max him out.
not worth it.

I got him and think he is very usefull, especially I like the mana skill. He is still too weak for my defense team, but works well on my team for titan raids and map.
I don’t have an other 5* nature to compare with, but his skills is very different anyway.
For sure he is not like Sabina :wink:

Still don’t fight against him and i like to know some stuff.
His “resurrection” works only on heroes died after the activation or even on heroes died before?

And may be dispelled only on living heroes or even the dead ones?

I only had the revive skill activated once, it was a hero that died before the special was activated and he died again shortly after the ressurrection.

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Oh, good, thank you.
So ones more targeting him first is better before he can revive someone who we have already deal with.

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Soo Alberich. As someone who hasn’t used him or went against him yet. I’m wondering how his special works exactly.

A moderate amount of Mana : is it, for example, a set amount of 2 tiles of free Mana per turn or is it 10% per turn? (Set or different Mana growth depending on hero speed)

Revival chance : must the hero being potentially revived die during the 4 turn to get a chance or anytime after the skill has been used once or anytime at all?

Additionally if the revive is successful when defence and a crystal combo is underway, will the revived hero potentially die to that same combo or does the revives take place at the end of the turn.

Any feedback on these inquiries is greatly appreciated.

@Meow I made a quick video showing his skill -


I got Alberich the first day he came out, instantly leveled up to 35 within a few hours, then beat the dark lord in one try with him, Tibertus, Boldtusk, Vivica and Gunnar. Never dropped below 75% health, never was in fear of dying. It was amazing. Made the final boss way too easy.

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Spent over $500 no Alberich :frowning: that’s just not right!. $500 worth of x10 summons and no hero of the month? I am distraught. Anyone else on the same boat or does this game hate just me?


I’ve had a similar experience while a member of my alliance got him with 1 summons token. Very discouraging! It would be nice if you spend money you get a better chance with randomness

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He really should be average speed.

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If he was average, they would have applied his skill only to nearby allies. Thats been the trend lately.

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