Thought on kageburado

Any thoughts on kageburado? Just get it on last atlantis. Is he worth ascending? Cause i can’t see kageburado rating in the heros chart. Tnx



2nd best purple behind panther

I’d pick him over hel probably


Burrito is awesome! Well worth the materials

High atk , Good Def & HP , Very Fast , Debuff and give 400++ output damage

cant expect more


My thoughts

Very worth ascending.

I got him last atlantis summon, and now he’s in the 4th ascension, but still lvling up.

He’s doing great in raid. Previously I had my main team to be all 4* maxed heroes. When diamond level player raid my base, I have a hard time to do revenge coz those 5* heroes really hard to beat. I pray to have a new stronger sniper for my team. Now that I have Kage, I can do revenge even against 4000tp player, even though he’s the only 5* in my team. He’s a gamechanger for me. :grin:


To unlock his full potential, you will want a lvl 11 Mana troop, or have him run with another Sakura hero (inari or mitsuko) with lvl 5 Mana troops.
Otherwise, he’s not better than sartana (who hits full strength at any HP level and has a slow damage over time effect)


Tnx guy for the advice thats wonderful now i will concentrate on him. I have all the ascension material to fill him n troop? I have level 13 mana troops ready. I will ascent him together with evelyn tnx guys for power to u all

Sung to the tune of Despersdo—The Eagles. Good job! I just got him in the last Atlantis summons and am working feverishly on him.

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especially deadly when your victim has 51percent life

Is he useful against Obakan special, does Kageburago dispel that reflect dmg buff at first and after that he deals the dmg???

Hi yes he does, he’s the only dispeller that dispels 1st and then deals damage.

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I Almost upgraded kage fully and i want to spend some emblems on him. Anyone Already have him emblemded? And which path would you take?

I have him at +11 attack path. He is most valuable early in a fight, so increasing his survivability seemed less important than his attack stat.

Here’s his stats

Source - wise goat says (Line Bot)


We equipped the snipers with the best weapon available. So, most will go attack path with cold blooded killer like Kage.

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Ok thanks all, Will probably choose attack path as well.

Feel free to continue discussions on the newer Kageburado thread :slight_smile: