Thought about 4* troops

Critical hit only effects the tile damage from the specific hero with the specific troop, and the bare knuckle hits from a defending teams hero with the specific troop…
doesnt it seem kind of weak in comparison to the higher %damage and the significant mana boost from the other 4* troop type?.

One guess is that they are balanced vs each other in some beta-situation when critIcal hit hade a wider Spectra of what it applied to. (specials,dots etc), and when it got tuned down the damage% werent compensated to balance for the new value.

Could it be something to look into?.. maybe raise the damage% on crit troops so the gap between the two troop types arent so distinct.
As of now they are equally rare to get but one is significally better than the other.

Crit troops add more defense than a mana troop, as well as add health versus just increased healing. Tanks can benefit greatly from crit troops.

I know mana is the most used - but they seem fairly balanced at cursory look.

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It is the most used simply because you use them if you have them, and being as rare as they are you need to be a paying veteran to have a 5X manas.

The breaking point for getting the special going trumf the meager bonuses of lil more def or health.

If you study the chart of tile breakpoints youll find that the base boost of 5% from the mana troop pretty much is mandatory to reach any tile improvement, and this game is yet to release any tank that doesnt rely on its special attack.

The extra 7% defense and 9% health the maxed crit troop gives over a mana troop can be huge though, for a tank. I agree the special is nice, but those stat boosts help a lot too.

Take a look at the talent trees, and compare the worth between stats.
In the talent tree:
2% increased healing = 3% increased HP
15 attack = 18 defense = 36 hp.

The sum of the troops stat value is way higher on the manatroops, its basic math and people got to be in denial not seeing this.

And as i said it has got to be a remnant from early on in the game when crit was introduced and the developers realised it would be crazy powerful if anything else than tile damage and bare knuckle hits were affected from info from the betatesters.

I got 5 purple mana troops without paying gems just to get them. Fact is, i have more than that but figured i only need a max of 5 of them for keeping and fed the other extra purple mana troops. Been only using ETTs obtained. Down side is, i still haven’t gotten purple crit troop yet, the only one missing but i only need 1. My other elements have a decent number of mana and crit troops but my green got 5 crit troops. I dont know anyone spending gems just to get them 4 star troops

People are spending gems to get a flag on their avatar, or even to get more avatars… it could not be such a far fetched thought that people spend to either get troops directly or getting golden troop coins in sales packages.

Troops are the foremost testiment you have put an effort in time and money into the game.

Im not a too heavy spender but it has taken me 2years+ to even land the first purple manatroop.

I do have a full setting of 4 stars for every color and they are leveles 23-5-5-5-5 to reach best value at the time for the monosetups.

I understand that. I, too, have several of them. But buying troops using gems? No way. I cant believe that. I mean, i only use ETTs in getting 4 star troops.

Then a just question:
-What levels are your troops?

Not sure I (personally) like that comparison. If I can’t get my healer off, or if I don’t bring one - that increased healing isn’t going to do much. The increased HP helps regardless.

It is not a comparison, its the fact that the ingame value of 2% healing equals 3% Health.

This is the same tier in the talent tree, showing that for the exact same cost at the same level of aquisition you get either 2% increased healing or 3% health… = equal value.

See what i mean?

This is a very lopsided analysis. You’re taking the downside of crit troop and compare to the upside of mana troop. I’ve used alot of Crit troops (I don’t call it crit troop, but doesn’t really matter) and to be honest the reason I use Crit troop its not for the critical hits. You’re looking purely from offensive point of view and disregard stamina. Do you know that defense team has a built-in 20% attack and defense boost (you can verify that via for example GM’s burn; that’s another whole different tactic); taking that into account and I’m using Crit troop; I’m boosting defense way lot to survive longer in game.


Actucaly spending gems on troops is reasonable because you walways get something vauable (high level feeders unavalaible in other spots).
I was doing some 10x troop pulls before i got what i wanted, better than burn money in other portals especially if you dont have ascension mats

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You have this bonus regardless what troops you are using.
I dont understand what miracles people expect from the tiny healthboost theese troops add.
If somebody want to take your tank out they will come at you with mono or a 4-1 and your only chance to keep up is to get your specials going… i shouldnt have to ask which troop who could help with that.

Did you know that the only way to boost the damage from Dot (damage over time) outside of hero level stat and the talent tree is from the troops attack%
So your Azlar, Gravemaker, Clarissa, Sartana etc rather have manatroops for the additional 6%

But that was not the issue, i was not asking for intricate ways to find a use for lesser good troops, i was questioning why the stat value of one legendary troop is clearly of less value.

Its like i am asking:
-why is there less money in one of the two bags i get to choose from?
And people are answering:
-but i find it useful to be able to choose less money sometimes!

That’s where you and others who have posted here (myself included) disagree. Both troop types have their positives, and seem roughly equal, at least to me.

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Of course I knew. Like @Dan7 said, both troop have their positives. You just seems to prioritize attack alot more, that’s it. There’s so many ways of playing; like everyone kept counter argue that Telly is useless now that she’s nerfed; yet she’s still on everyone’s roster. Vela is useless now especially when she can be countered easily by Malosi. GM burn is way too much, but if you bring cleanse and mana stop, you’ll be fine. There’s so many ways to skin a cat, but you seem so fixated on this particular item. Troop is meant as a supporting part of gameplay; Azlar, GM, Clarissa, Sartana didn’t become overly scary with that 6% to me. Given him additional 1000 attack and he still doesn’t scare me.

It seems like you are posting this question/statement it’s really more of a shoving it down your argument without actually trying to listen to others.
Since you’re fixating on crit troop is “of lesser value” without trying to actually understand the purpose of crit troop and it’s mechanism of utilizing it, there’s really not much to discuss.

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My purple mana troops are at 22, 11, 8, 6, 5 & 1 (no purple crit troops). Purple 3 star troops at 5, 5, 5, 1 & 1. Purple 2 star troops at 5, 5, 5, 1 & 1.

My yellow mana troops are at 22, 11, 6, 5 & 1, with yellow crit troops at 12 & 5. My yellow 3 and 2 star troops are the same as my purple.

My blue mana troops are at 21, 11, 5 & 5 with blue crit troops at 13, 1 & 1. My 3 and 4 star troops are the same as my purples.

My red mana troops are at 20, 5 & 5 with red crit troops at 20, 5, 3, 1 & 1. 3 & 2 star red troops are the same with my purples.

My green mana troop is my latest acquisition and currently at 15, 5, 5 & 1 with green crit troops at 20, 11, 5, 1 & 1. 3 and 2 star troops are the same with my purples.

I have fed several dupes 4 star troops that have been the 6th,7th or 8th since I only need a max of 5. I currently have several feeder troops for them, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star troops, awaiting the daily challenge leveling troops for POV.

Yeah, i understand now buying troops is essential to make a more solid supporting troops, increasing significantly their damage and survivability. But I wont consciously buy them with gems. I rather get them from ETTs. I guess I am just plain lucky then.

What are you afraid of?
To get a 2% increase in the def-bonus on the troops you are using?, is that what you fear?
To get a slight increase in the health your troops provide?
To have a wee bit more attack?, would that be too scary?

I did not start this thread to gloat at those who havent gotten any manatroops, i did it to shine a light on that the math does not add up.

The game developers have a reference value on how powerful certain elements ingame should be.
When you add the bonuses: attack+defense+healbonus/helthbonus+mana/critical hit youll get a comparable figure.

If a rare troop at max level have (fictive number) 750 then an epic troop should have (fictive number) 1000.

The problem here is that (with values from the talent trees as a frame of reference) the manatroop has a way higher value than the ”other” epic troop.

And despite the fact some players ”dont mind or dont notice” the reality is that the manatroop are stealing spots where def/crit troops should be no1 with their tankier character.

Did you know that in the talent tree 1% healbonus equals 1,5% healthbonus?.. in effect the 20% healbonus from the manatroop would justify a bit higher number than 9%healthbonus from the def/crit troops.

But no, no… why should i be here trying to explain math to people who soil their pants as soon as the word change is mentioned?..

Don’t even know how you arrive at the conclusion I’m afraid.

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