Thoughs on synergies with Ametrine?

I do have an 11 mana. If it makes any difference, I have no damage dealing purples. Just the costume healers and a Freya waiting for tabard.

Sapphire I have her with +18th and dos the job as should be and last ninja tower i got Ametrine and i found no topic for her at all. Very disappointing because everyone talking about 5* hero’s and the 4× and 3* looks like they are not on the map

Very nice hero. I love my Ame. You will have a lot of fun! (Emblem her! :wink:)

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Thanks for the feedback all. I did choose the ninja. Did you all go full on attack with her emblems or did you beef her up a little so she’s not so frail?


Here’s mine. I prioritised Def and Hp over Attack since I use her in my purple mono which is my go-to raiding team. She needs to survive long enough against 5* opponents to use her 2nd and 3rd charges

This is my Ametrine. She is good. I use her in my main monopurple:

And i have Sapphire. She is also good. She is in my main mnonblue team:

Sadly, my third ninja is Jade, who wont be seeing tonics in the foreseeable future.

You missed one turn with emblems…(deff/hp)…

Yeah, at node 13 onwards, I switched to ATK/ATK/DEF/HP

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