Thoughs on synergies with Ametrine?

Hi, It seems there is no topic about Ametrine.
I was lucky to get one on the first ninja tower. I haven’t finished ascending her to top.
But she is so versatile when farming on the map missions that I tried her on the 4* Guardians of Tatloc event up to the last stage.
I enjoyed her synergy with Sir Lancelot so much that I took him out from the bench. The combination was amazing as Ametrine was charging non stop once Sir Lancelot’s skill was active. (Would be even better if Lancelot was fast like Scarlett).
I have read that Ametrine has also a good vibration with Glenda.
Any other fans of Ametrine that wish to share their experience?


Yes there are no specific topic for Ametrine and also other Ninja Heroes.
All are in one thread: :japanese_castle: Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

I do not have Ametrine, but from paper she is absolutely the best 4* Ninja hero. Like mini Kage.
Congrats for your pull. :tada: :+1:
Dispell follow by attack is super great.
Lancelot and Glenda can boost Ametrine special skill damage, but for event better is using mono color to create advantage of tiles damage. So maybe attack boost from Rigard.C, Tibs for defdown.

I only have 4* hero Shale which is the worst 4* Ninja heroes sadly :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: :smile:


I have one now that I max and placed some emblems on. Very much like her. The dispel is great and she charges fast. It is like a custom charge, if you only need to hit one hero you can. I have not found a good synergy yet, but a costume Rigard is nice with her.

I also got two more Ametrines… debating on leveling them up.

Also anybody know about Sapphier?

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Sorry, I only got Ametrine. I don’t know about Saphire.
For the event I used Grimm, Tiberius, Proteus, Sir Lancelot and Ametrine. That team made wonders but what surprised me the most was the tándem Sir Lancelot-Ametrine. It allowed Ametrine to shot at will charges 1x, 2x or 3x.
Combining with others, Ametrine is great but you have to be more restrained and tactital with Ametrine shots. And the less she shoots, the more possibilities of her being killed.
As for Sir Lancelot combining with slower heroes, it’s more difficult for him to get the timing right to make others profit from his boosting of mana. (I truly wish he were fast speed and not average.) I have to use him with Microwave to see if his synergy works with other very fast manas or just Ametrine.

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Ametrine is very squishy, even by 4* standards, so ideally anyone that can beef up her defense or survival is good to have for her as a teammate on offense.

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Worst might be harsh. All the ninjas are really good. I have Shale and I think he’s amazing at Charge 3, very good at Charge 2 and kinda useless at Charge 1. Just have to get used to hanging on to their specials and letting em build.


Sapphire is the other 4* ninja I have. Very effective offensively, again if you can fully charge them. Good for use against riposte teams if you encounter them alot. I just think all the ninjas are fun especially given my play style.

Sadly, I agree with @jinbatsu. Other than his dispel, which needs more tiles to charge than a “very slow” slow hero to get a full team being affected, he just isn’t good. His heal is dispellable and takes forever to charge to heal the whole team. IMO he is just bad. I would sooner level a second BT over him.
All that being said, depending on a person’s roster, he could be quite helpful.
However, in comparison to the other two four-star ninjas, he simply doesn’t compare. Still okay when not being compared to the others.

Edit: Map completion is where I would see Shale being of greatest use.


As far as the actual question proposed in the topic. In a way, I don’t think her synergies matter much. In all honesty, it seems that her synergies are with any team that is facing a buff heavy team. Boril, cyp, elena, aegir, etc. she can single out a hero and help kill them so that you can remove them from the equation.
Due to her "charge nature, it takes 10 tiles to hit three opponents(2nd), this pairs well with a trio of tib and c-rig

Not very fond of heroes with repost skills. I have tried pairing her with Kirill. Ametrine died more often than with Sir Lancelot.
I understand that luck with colored tiles is a factor, but still not as good.
The more she attacks, the more likely is for her to stay alive. The “Full attack, no defense” thing.
I don’t know what path I will follow once I emblem her.

Just maxed AMETRINE and was looking for comments on the best emblem path for her as I noticed her defence was low for a 4*.

Found this interesting discussion, and I get the synergy with C.Rigard and Tibs, but also like the Sir Lancelot idea too. Always found him too squishy but will definitely give it a try.

In the end I decided to go the defence/attack route to +9 so far…her stats are now 752, 615, 1304…a bit better.

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Because she is a barbarian most of her defense nodes come with attack nodes. to help her defense I have gone full defense up to node 15. haven’t decided if I am going to give her more and if I do, which path. At A782, D633, H1304. I still find her useful in diamond arena. but she is still a tad squishy.

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She is a 4* Kage she is great, anywhere Kage could be used she could fill his place special wise (not sniper damage matching though)

@CoachNeiko sounds like we have taken a similar approach although I haven’t got her to node 15 yet. So far I have used her in my purple mono team with Seshat +9, Killhare +9, Sartana +3, C.Rigard +11 and Ametrine +9. What I like about her is the versatility she brings in that she will obviously charge first and depending on the match up you have the option of firing her first (albeit with little damage at level 1 charge) or waiting for Seshat and Sartana who will charge next, or C.Rigard who will boost her damage.

I guess those with Clarissa or Victor (very fast) will already have this versatility but it is a new thing for me and one which i fully appreciate.

Looking forward to a 4* tournament where I can pair her with C.Rigard and Tiburtus to see her full power!

@Montyville three quick things

  1. I am glad you are enjoying her.
  2. I agree with you on her versatility. At first charge, her main purpose is just to remove buffs for me. the damage is just extra.
  3. do NOT bring ANY ninja into RUSH tournament or war. Their charge goes from 5 tiles/charge to 6.5 tiles/charge

Agreed. I also noted that in the RUSH war and told another in our alliance, but thanks for the heads up. Hope you enjoy her too!

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I’m really struggling with the idea of giving her emblems. I barely use her at the moment. But I do envision the possibility of her debuf then damage plus the versatility of her charge on offense .

For the moment I’m keeping the emblems …also git jott and gormek… meh… and atomos obakan at 3.70 eventually. Can’t shake the idea that I could get a better barbarian …

The barbarian I have used the most is Grimm, then Ametrine. Don’t know if that helps you.
LJ is too frail to be of use, even with emblems.
Gormeck is very good but once I went up towards diamond arena and higher Titans, I don’t use him as much as compared to Grimm (weak on blue heroes) or Ametrine with a healer/shield protecting her.
Obakan is stucked at 3/70 as E&P is so kind to give me lots of violet heroes (and no 4* violet troops other than one).
Depending of Who else you’ve got I would level Gormek and Ametrine. The good thing of emblems is that they are easier to collect.

I’m finishing Ametrine soon, and kept some emblems to try her. My idea is to try to sqeeze her in my mono purple team, because I lack dmg dealers there. Right now it should be Rigard, c.Tiburtus, Khiona, Ametrine, Clarissa. She could benefit from attack buff and defence debuf. Also, she would have a 2nd charge at the same time as Khiona, so, that might work. We’ll see. If not, gonna strip her off and give those emblems to Gravemaker. :man_shrugging:t2:
But if she’s good, I have a 2nd copy. :wink:

I was excited when I pulled Ametrine and quickly leveled. Have been testing her with emblems up to level 12 and have been disappointed. Not worth the emblems IMO. I will probably remove emblems and give to Malosi.

How are people feeling about Ametrine… working well or more like my experience?

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